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School And Violence In America Essay

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Each day millions of children across the United States go to school to learn, but instead they come face to face with violence generated by their peers, from minor things like trash talking to more major offenses such as dangerous situations involving weapons and bullying. School violence is a worldwide problem that is unpredictable, making it difficult for researchers to narrow down it's causes.
The violence has become more of an epidemic as time continues to progress and it varies on the type of violent offenses that occurs depending on several factors. By having more access to a smart device or easy access to weapons, attacks on individuals has evolved into a something uncontrollable. ...view middle of the document...

Studies suggest two reasons for the higher rates of middle school violence. First, early adolescence is a difficult age. Preteens are often physically hyperactive and have not learned acceptable social behavior just yet. Second, many middle school students have come into contact for the first time with individuals who are from different backgrounds and neighborhoods.
As with schools and families, communities can neglect children also. If our communities are not reactive to the needs of our families and their children, this neglect can develop into school violence. After school and summer programs such as HOST or The Boys and Girls Club are not always available. A child who starts acting violently will often do so during periods of unstructured and unsupervised time. Juvenile justice statistics reveal that, lacking after school supervision, youth violence rises to above average rates between 3 and 7 p.m., this is the average time frame that parents or guardians away from home. School violence has also been linked to the transformation of communities. Constantly shifting school population often reflect larger as communities change in size, economic status, and racial and ethnic mix. Although our society expects the family to be able to deal with childhood problems, our society also makes it difficult for parents to meet all of their children's needs. The current economy, for example, often demands that both parents work, instead of one staying home to tend to the kids, more children are raised by single parents including teenage mothers, and some children are exposed by their parents to neglect or physical, sexual, and substance abuse. It is ideal for parents to nurture and reinforce positive behavior but, parents fail to do so, children may develop negative and often violent behavior patterns. In addition, neglectful or abusive family environments can obstruct the development of communication skills and impair the child’s self esteem . In homes where positive behavior is not the standard, exposure to violence through popular culture may have a more serious impact. Today's children are unfortunately more likely to grow up with parents who get arrested, abuse drugs, go to prison, absentees and those who fail to maintain stable families. Poverty, rejection, and ignorant adults are by far the biggest down falls children face nowadays, and the mystery is why only a somewhat small fraction of modern kids are behaving recklessly. It is evident that the school violence needs to be addressed in a strict and swift manor.
Therefore, while it is critical that schools and communities notice that school violence needs to be addressed immediately, it is also very important that they honor the hopes and rights of the majority of individuals who are neither offenders nor victims of school violence and who want nothing more than to receive a exceptional education in a safe environment. Most educators and education researchers and practitioners would agree that...

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