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School Board Meeting Essay

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York Suburban School District held a school board meeting January 27, 2014 at 7:30pm. The attendees at this meeting were as follows: John Posenau, Shelly Merkle, Jennifer Clancy, Ellen Frierich, Corinne Mason, Wendy Erwine, Phillip Spare, H. Roger Miller Jr., Lois Ann Schroeder, Cathy Shaffer, Lynne Lepold-Sharp, Emily Bates, Joel Sears, Alison Liu, and the public.
The meeting started out with a committee roll call that was followed by the pledge of allegiance. The committee asked the public if they had any topics they wanted to bring up. Only one person from the public stood up to speak. He had questions regarding school taxing and emergency plans in case of an in-school shooting incident. The committee responded in regards to these matters.
Once the public had finished their questions the committee moved on to their own topics. The majority of the discussion was in regards to the budget; however, there were other subjects spoken about as well. Some of these topics included: retirements, the hiring of a new teacher, diversity training, food service, the Health Care Act etc. There was also a portion of the meeting where the superintendent, Shelly Merkle, presented a PowerPoint presentation discussing the state of the district. Overall, Dr. Merkle stated that the district was achieving academic success and that it was headed in the right direction. She also stated what needed to be done in order for this academic success to continue and grow. This presentation, along with the minutes of the meeting, can be found on York Suburban School District’s website.
One of the most interesting aspects that occurred at the meeting, I thought, was York County School of Technology representatives discussed their budget. York County School of Technology is a neighboring school to York Suburban School District. Because York County School of Technology is a technical school that takes surrounding districts’ students for 9th-12th grade, those surrounding school districts have to pay York County School of Technology money in order for it to operate. York County School of Technology had proposed to the York Suburban committee the figure in which needed to be paid. After the representatives had answered some questions and left the committee voted on whether to pass the York County School of Technology budget or not. This caused much controversy among the board members. Some members were swayed to...

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