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School Bullying By Peter K. Smith

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Smith, Peter K. "School Bullying." Sociologia, Problemas E Práticas 71 (2013): 81-98. SocINDEX with Full Text. Web. 13 Apr. 2014.
Peter K. Smith focuses on school bullying while still covering the broad range of different types of bullying such as cyberbullying and biased or identity-biased bullying. Through the article he refers to the four waves of school bullying, beginning in in the 1970’s and finishing in the present year. He mentions research done in Europe that has been established to prevent bullying, possible causes and risk factors of victimization, and gives an insight on the prevalence of school bulling. Smith mentions school-based programs that have both failed and succeeded, ...view middle of the document...

Rivera, Jasmine. Personal Interview. 12 Apr. 2014
In a personal interview with Jasmine “LJ” Rivera, she spoke about her involvement in the LGBT community and her religious backgrounds. She remembers being taught at an early age about acceptance and felt the need to practice it in her everyday life. When asked about her feeling towards antigay and progay people, she felt no hatred toward those with different views, and felt that those who were progray were more open-minded than those who weren’t. LJ also felt that the LGBT community was acting the same way religious communities acted towards them; she felt that the LGBT community was overstepping their boundaries. When asked if their actions was justifies, she mentioned that no bullying was justified.
This interview was made in order to get another point of view. While LJ was part of the LGBT community, she felt that they were in fact becoming the bully. This shows that one does not need to be religious or be biased in order to see this problem. By asking a member I hoped to be able to understand their reactions to the hatred coming from both sides, not just one.
Jasmine “LJ” Rivera is a proud supporting member of the LGBT community. Since attending Stephen F. Austin State University, she has become an active member in PrideNac, an student-run organization that promotes knowledge over ignorance. She has participated in many fundraisers and community services that have focused on bringing awareness to the Nacogdoches community.

Anonymous. Personal Interview. 12 Apr. 2014.
In a personal interview, with a person who asked to remain anonymous, they described their frustration with religion. Being raised in a predominately African American Church, they felt that antigay propaganda was forced down their throats. When they questioned the leaders about this, it resulted an argument that left the interviewee jaded. The interviewee also felt that they were supportive of the...

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