School Bus Pregnancies Essay

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School Bus Pregnancies
It is hard enough for many students to get through their high school careers in one piece with little to no added hardships. Imagine being a pregnant teen trying to graduate and get their high school diploma, on top of the trials of becoming a mother. It may be a challenge, but many young, pregnant ladies have shown that getting their degree is a challenge they are willing to take. As teenagers, in most scenarios, these future moms should still be expected to behave as teenagers behave. Growing up still does take time so forcing a teenager to grow up faster than her maturity level will let her is only going to spell disaster. They need time to learn, spend time with their friends, laugh, eat and just live as any other teenager their age would. Obviously, there are limits to this, such as doing drugs, strenuous activity and drinking, but for the most part they should be allowed to live a normal life. Along with this normal life, there will always be hardships and along with a baby come many however, without school and having some kind of support system from friends, teachers or family, the journey will be much harder. Schools should not be pushing these teen mothers to alternative schools and they should not deny them of extra curricular activities. It is acceptable for teen mothers to stay in school and schools should provide some form of daycare for high school students so staying in school can be a reasonable option for these mothers.
In America, most young women desire to become involved in careers and become mothers. This is called multiple-role lifestyle (Hoffung 210).Women are naturally inclined to take on more than one role at a time, such as a wife and a mother, wife and career woman or all three. It is an innate characteristic of almost every woman. They are made to do more than one thing at a time (Swigart 13). According to What’a a Mother to Do? “75 percent of women are the bread-winners for their family and 64 percent have children”(Hoffung 212). Women can be very successful and according to this book, they can be successful with children of their own. For teen mothers it is not impossible to get a diploma and be a mother and excel at both. It is as if teen mothers are pursuing two titles, one being teenager, and the other being a mother. Just as any college student undertaking a degree plan with a minor, one of these titles must take priority. Morally, being a mother should come first. The child should always be the number one priority and the sacrifices that need to be made will always have to come from being a teenager but where there is time left over after the baby is 100 percent cared for a teen mother should have the luxury of enjoying being a teen. With time management and motivation the task is not impractical.
Many people would venture to say that being a mother in high school is not nearly as time consuming as being a wife, a career woman climbing the ladder of success with a full-time job and...

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