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In our society today, the number of people that are diagnosed with diabetes is increasing. Diabetes is caused by many factors like genetics, inactivity, and obesity. With obesity on the rise in our country, so is diabetes especially in young children. With the fattening and unhealthy foods provided by fast food chains and grocery stores, children are the ones that diabetes is affecting the most, by causing them to have higher chances of being diagnosed with diabetes. According to Kim and Lee (2008), the rates of childhood obesity have tripled over the past three decades. Childhood obesity is becoming a problem for many youth in our society, with more youth being overweight and inactive increases the chances for them to be diagnosed with diabetes. The community needs to become active about this topic by having more activities open to the youth in the areas. This would include workshops and sport programs for the youth being available in the community. Hopefully, the North Carolina School Diabetes Act will educate children so that they will learn to make good quality health decision when they are younger and to give them a better chance of not being diagnosed with diabetes.
Point blank, diabetes is a serious disease and causes major effects on people’s daily lives. In a society where food comes in such abundance, people are overeating. Compared to the beginning of the twenty first century when only about five percent of the population had diabetes (Nazarko, 2009), today that number is rising and continuing to do so. This is starting to affect the health of children by being diagnosed with diabetes at a young age. When a child has diabetes it becomes very serious since children are at such a young age to deal, process, and handle the responsibilities that comes with this disease. Everyone tends to blame obesity and fast food chains on the causes of diabetes when in reality it could be genetics, autoimmune diseases, and being overweight. For whatever the reason, children are being diagnosed and what better way to educate them through the school system. What would be a better way to promote a healthy lifestyle then at school where a child spends most of their time. Children can learn about the pre diabetic stage which everyone goes through before they have diabetes. This is the stage where people need to make good quality life decision and not poor ones, which affect the chances of a person being diagnosed with this disease.
On August twenty ninth, 2002 the North Carolina General Assembly passed the Care for School Children with Diabetes Act. This law was created since there are over 2,500 children in the school systems that have diabetes. Majority of a child’s time is going to be spent at school, so it is extremely important that they are educated about the disease. This law helps the child take care of themselves at school, and teach other student as well as teachers about diabetes and what to do in certain...

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