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There have been many major issues dealing with school these days. Some problems haven't always just dealt with school work, teachers, or something relating to those types of things. Some issues have an even bigger impact than those types of problems that schools usually have. One problem that sets a big part and a big controversy over is whether Schools should or should not have a Dress code or school uniforms. There are different opinions between a lot of people and students for this issue and we do not know who is right or wrong. Students should not have a dress code for a numerous amount of reasons. Students do not think that their behavior will change or has changed in any kind of way there is if they wore or are wearing school uniforms. Wearing school uniforms does not put any type of effect on Students or on teachers and staff. The only thing that is changing is the clothes they wear. Some students are saying that now all you see is all boys in a dress shirt and pants and all girls in a skirt and a dress shirt. Students say that it is boring seeing everyone wearing the same thing. In one school, some students even noticed that they can't even compliment another student by saying, "I like that piece of clothing." They said that clothing does not have an effect on their learning or anything like that. Students say that they pay attention the same even with students wearing different clothes. One student was asked if they don't pay attention or focus as much if a boy that she liked or had a crush on was wearing something that made him look better, if that would make her focus more on him when a lesson is being taught. Her response was, "No, not at all. Just because a boy I like wears something that makes him look better, does not change the way I react or pay attention to him." Several other students were asked the same question and the responses were all mostly similar with each other's. One student told us that if they were chosen to have to wear a school uniform, that she would be proud never to wear it since she said that wearing a uniform would not help her learn any better and it would just make students behavior worse since they are disappointed in this decision. A parent of a child told us that from what she sees when she goes to visit a school or is in the school at the time, that students do not act more ridicules, cruel, or anything different from what they usually act like if they were whatever they want to wear. She also said, yea there should be a limit to what the boys and girls could wear but it should not go as far as, where they have to make School Uniforms. All students have said that behavior does not change they way they focus or act towards anyone else or anything. Many schools have set out their opinions towards the issue that has been being discussed around School systems. One teacher has been asked if she thought it was a good idea for students to wear school uniforms. Her response was, "Well,...

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772 words - 3 pages , “Dress codes and school uniforms increase school safety by eliminating gang-related clothing and helping aid in the recognition of nonstudents on campus. Other potential benefits cited include better student behavior, more resistance to peer pressure and improved emphasis on academics. About one in four public elementary schools and one in eight public middle and high schools in the USA have policies dictating what a student wears to school

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1814 words - 7 pages when given the choice. Before a dress reform is imposed, the school board usually has a conference with parents to see what they support and what would be pushing the limits. Kids do not normally realize that many of the restrictions they face are set by their own parents. A dress codes actually helps the parents and staff in many ways, they can communicate the same principles into the children(Daniels 2). In the majority of cases undesirable

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879 words - 4 pages be all different due to their ideas and natural customs, which further allows ideas and beliefs to be entitled as well in allowing ideas and beliefs to be exchanged. In some cases such as the dress code rule imposed on players, there is a lot to valued from such rules. Dress codes have been in effect for many years as a way of keeping order in such cases such as in school, sports, and military. Dress codes are set to improve concentration, safety

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672 words - 3 pages , and bullying are big reasons for dress codes in high school. It is an attempt to counter the violence outside of school. The idea of uniforms reached Congress when President Clinton endorsed them in his 1996 State of the Union address. U.S. Department of Education introduced the Manual of School Uniforms which states that benefits such as decreasing violence, preventing students from wearing gang related colors, instilling student discipline


1681 words - 7 pages , they can still be notified so that they can at least warn their kids about dressing inappropriately for school. If the school would modify the way the dress code policy is presented to the students, it could reduce the amount of dress code violators. Many students use the excuse that they did not know that their attire was deemed inappropriate by the school. They also claim that the dress codes regulations are too vague for them to know what is

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953 words - 4 pages wear uniforms. Works Cited Daniels, Stephen. "School Dress Codes Are Necessary and Constitutional." Students' Rights. Ed. Jamuna Carroll. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2005. Opposing Viewpoints. Rpt. from "Student Dress Policies: The Success of School Uniforms and Dress Codes." Findings (May 2001). Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 22 Nov. 2013. Firmin, Michael, Suzanne Smith, and Lynsey Perry. "School Uniforms: A Qualitative Analysis

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539 words - 2 pages I thought school was for learning; not for a fashion show. A dress code should be required in all public schools to promote better student behavior, decrease costs to parents and increase school safety by eliminating gang-related clothing. A uniform dress code would curve discipline problems and distractions while improving overall student behavior. By requiring students to adhere to a dress code, learning will be enhanced. For this purpose

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