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Knightdale High School’s SIP is focused on student achievement. In this document there are 3 goals set by the school to be accomplished by June 2014. The goals focus on graduation rates; increasing student proficiency rates on End of Course Exams, with a focus on students with LEP, and disabilities; and finally improving teacher education practices, and leadership skills. These three goals fit nicely into Knightdale High School’s core mission of providing quality education to students so that they can become productive citizens.
Goal 1 states “By June, 2014, Knightdale High School will improve the graduation rate as measured by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction from 76.4% to 86.4% with a focus on Hispanic, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), and Students with Disabilities subgroups. Within this large goal there are two key processes, a preventive goal, and an intervention goal for the teachers to meet. For prevention teachers are to create a framework for student success by implementing strategies that support student success at all levels and address the root causes of student failure. The document goes on to detail steps to ensure the completion of the goal, which includes fostering a positive adult relationships with at risk students, creating a 9th grade transition program that promotes student success and using the EASiPEP system to share information about students with IEP, LEP, and PEP with the administration and staff. For the intervention teachers and the school administrative staff are to establish a framework that helps to identify student at risk and intervene at critical points, once they realize the student is no longer on path to graduate. As with the preventative goal, the preventative goal includes action steps to ensure the successfulness of this goal, which includes establishing a tiered intervention model that monitors student progress and provides intervention dependent on the level the student is at. The school also has established a system of CORE time every Wednesday, which requires teachers to spend 60 minutes of each period enriching and remediating students to make sure there are no students failing.
Goal 2 states, “By June 2014, KHS students will increase their overall proficiency rating on End of Course tests form 74.9% to 84.9% with a focus on Limited English Proficiency and students with Disabilities subgroups. Like goal 1 this goal has two key processes. The first one is to establish a framework of research-based...

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