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School Lunch Menu Essay

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Some major differences between the old traditional and new school meal patterns are that with the old traditional meal pattern, fruits and vegetables are lumped together under one category, and only ½ cup of either fruit or vegetables is required. The old traditional meal pattern doesn’t state specific kinds of fruit and vegetables, whereas the new meal pattern now separates fruits and vegetables and has recommendations for each category. Fruit servings for kindergarten to eighth grade are now ½ cup, and ninth grade through twelfth grade are now 1 cup. The vegetable servings are now ¾ cup for kindergarten to eighth grade, and 1 cup for ninth grade to twelfth grade. The grains, meats, and ...view middle of the document...

The lunch that was served met the minimum requirements for nutrition, but the portion size was incredibly undersized. I knew countless athletic students that felt the same; we were always forced to bring snacks to school to supplement our meals.
If I had a child in the school, I would allow my child to buy lunch once in a while. I would rather pack my child a healthy, well-balanced and properly-portioned lunch for my child. I would feel better knowing that I sent my child with enough food to keep them satisfied, while providing even healthier meals than the school does.
Some challenges that I perceive for implementing the new meal pattern for schools are that the schools may need to construct more room for housing more food, or purchase different equipment to prepare the food. With the guidelines calling for fresher and larger portions of foods, it may be problematic to store the large quantities of food. Another challenge would be for the vendors to be able to provide more food and may require...

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