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School Nurse Essay

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School nurses are employed by the local Health trust and this is a follow on service from the Health Visiting Teams which is provided to children aged up to 5. School nurses provide a variety of services such as providing health and sex education within schools also carrying out developmental screening noting weight and height of infant children and again in later years. They can also advise on individual health issues and undertaking health interviews with Pupils. Administering immunisation within secondary schools programmes.
These services usually cater for secondary school children and its main focus will be on the provision post-14, the Youth Matters programme and target Youth support. ...view middle of the document...

To introduce plans, monitor physiotherapy programmes for pupils and small groups of pupils/ with SEN.
They will add to activities that encourage teaching and learning for pupils with special educational needs. These programmes and activities will be launched to pupils and groups in line with local and national strategies and the School’s curriculum and policies, both in school and off-site on
Sensory service, these teachers are employed by the Local Authority and work with children who have sensory loss. Sensory loss includes children with a hearing impairment and children with a visual impairment (sight). From 1st September 2011 Children's Services Sensory Support Service became the Virtual School for Sensory Support The Virtual School for Sensory Support is for children and young people aged 0-19 years old with sensory loss. This allows the school to be inclusive
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The Schools Library Service (SLS) gives schools the provision to have fiction and non-fiction books on loan and a range of advisory services to schools in delivering the curriculum. It offers staff and pupils the option to have access to the most relevant and up to date books so that teachers are able to plan for upcoming lessons or subjects, and pupils can find out for themselves...

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