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Youth today feel as if they cannot live without their smartphones and access to the internet. Although they are created to help make communication easier, they can also affect the youth’s performance and productivity in school, in their workplace and home, as well as their communication with adults. Other teenagers use social media to express their feelings publicly online as well as to release their anger and stress. Most of the time, when youth reveal too much on the internet, violence and rumors take place, which results in arguments and misunderstandings. Youth become more easily distracted and lazy in their workplace. The advancement of smartphones has negatively impacted the social ...view middle of the document...

(Allison). According to Tamsyn Burgmann, “many school boards ban cellphone use and block students from accessing social networking in particular Facebook and other websites deemed inappropriate for the classroom.” This is true because in social networking sites, it is easier and faster to spread out news and/or rumors to other people and in other countries. Also, the school can suspend a student because of this reason and behavior. The new language, particularly slang influenced by youth today, has affected the communication between teachers and students. Such as saying "yo wassup sir/miss" can be disrespectful to any authorities at school. Although some teachers are acceptable with this, other teachers are still expecting for their teenagers students to respect them. Moreover, this will not only mortify a student but will also affect their way of communication with adults also in their workplace.
Other youth do not know how to communicate in a proper way with future employers using formal language through emails and during presentations. Youth have become very reliant on their smartphones and other current-day technologies that have access to the Internet. In addition, youth are more distracted because of texting and using social media on their smartphones while at work as a result, this affects their productivity. Some employers do not tolerate this kind of behavior and might result for youth losing their jobs easily. This reliance can also affect their skills and knowledge used in their workplace. Furthermore,
Most youth isolate themselves and cannot develop their socializing skills because their always on their smartphones as was said before either texting, using the social media or playing games. Katie Baldo believes that “teenagers are missing some major social cues because they are too engrossed in their iPods, cell phones, or video games. I see it all the time in the halls when they can't voice a hello or make eye contact.” This also affects family bonding time since the focus of teenagers is shifted to less important matters. The actual physical communication between parents and their children has been minimized due to these kinds of technologies. Although most people in today’s generation cannot get out of their house without their phones, other youth does not like always being called whenever their outside with their friends. At times, they feel embarrassed when their parents keep on calling them and they get annoyed with it. According to Tom Vanderbilt, “this generation doesn’t make phone calls, because everyone...

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