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School Policy On Bullying Speech

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School Policy On Bullying Speech

Good Morning everybody. I am here today - as I'm sure you're all
aware, to give a persuasive presentation on how to deal with bulling
at your schools.

Has a pupil in your class ever been bullied? I am quite sure that on
at least one occasion you have had to deal with this major problem.
Today I hope to give you all extra confidence on dealing with this
subject. You mustn't be affraid to help, as long as you do it in the
correct manor. I hope to persuade you all in making a school policy on
bullying. This is the best way on dealing with this anti social
behaviour in a rational, professional and understanding way. If you
yourself have been bullied then you will understand how the child
feels. This may sound odd, but have you, a teacher ever been bullied
by a pupil? So many teachers are being abused but they don't report it
or ignore it- I am here to persuade you to deal with this. It isn't
your fault- it's only ever the bully's fault.

It is important that you understand why the bullying is in process. Do
you know why the child is doing the bullying? There are all sorts of
reasons why children bully- the main reason being in power. Some
bullies may have been bullied themselves and deal with their own fears
by distressing others. Another common reason is that they are outcasts
and feel that this is the only way to gain attention.

Are you able to identify the type of bullying? Name-calling and
teasing are both common types of bullying, but boys will sometimes use
strength to bully others, whereas girls will usually exclude someone
from a group or may spread hurtful stories about them. But the most
important thing to remember is that any form of bullying is extremely
upsetting and disturbing for the child and in some cases the teacher
as well. You must deal with this as early as possible because it may
run out of hand.

It can sometimes be difficult for adults to understand the distress
that bullying cause. There is no certain way of spotting if a child is
being bullied, You may ask, 'How do I know whether a child is being
bullied on the playground when I am not around?' But there are certain
characteristics in their behaviour that can be spotted, such as, a
change in attitude, an unexplained illness and not wanting to go to...

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