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The issue of school prayer has been a thorny one in the United States for many years now. In the beginning of the nineteenth century readings of the Bible and prayer were common practices in public schools. However prayer was banned in 1962 due to claims that it was violating the First Amendment right that the government was not allowed to support religion, and from then on the Supreme Court has ruled against any and all forms of prayer in schools. Schools cannot however ban students from praying in school and it is against the law to deny a student of his or her own personal beliefs. To this day prayers are said at special events such as ballgames, graduations, and the daily moment of ...view middle of the document...

Everyone has the constitutional right to practice religion and some schools may have a student body that is primarily affiliated with one religion rather than many different ones, so these schools should be allowed to put prayer and religion back into their school. Praying in school during a moment of silence could only violate a student’s religious freedoms of they are banned from doing so. There are some people who fear school prayer because they think that if they are not a part of the religion that is most consistent in their school then they will be shunned and made fun of for believing in something else. It has been suggested that being as the country was founded by so many different and diverse religions that schools could use a different prayer from a different religion each day so no religion is discriminated against or left out and no one is over used as the majority (Boston, Rob). Those who are not religious should not have to be forced into saying a school prayer because they wouldn’t allow active participation. Also those students who don’t follow the religion of the day’s particular prayer don’t have to join in if they don’t feel comfortable, or they could have the option of opting out and not participating at all. The different prayers could just be used as a tool to increase awareness and tolerance for other religions in the world.
It has been thought that school uniforms could potentially reduce the influence on violence and that has been one of the major considerations that officials have considered when deciding whether or not to enforce school uniforms. Research has shown that uniforms had a huge impact on school violence. So why couldn’t schools try prayer for the same reason? No
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matter what there will always be some violence in schools there is no way around that, however since prayer is an extension of religion and being that religion is driven by moral values, bringing back school prayers could remind children of religious beliefs and in turn help to reduce the amount of violence in schools by giving them access to their faith (Severson, Kim).
Something else to consider is that by allowing prayer in school, some students that haven’t been exposed to religion for one reason or another will be exposed to it and it could potentially help them in a positive way that nothing else could have. There are several children that don’t have a positive influence in their lives. Prayer and religion is one way to give these children the positive influence that some students desperately...

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