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School Psychologist Essay

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In today’s society, students are struggling in and out of the classroom. Some may be slower than others, or some may not understand what is going on at all. They say it’s the teachers and parents job to make sure the student is getting the help they need if they are having trouble. But sometimes the student may need more than just help to find out what they are really struggling with. That’s where the school psychologist comes in. To be able to understand school psychologists and what they do, the aspects involve what school psychologists do in everyday life, the education and licensing requirements, and what drives one to thrive in this field. School psychologists are there to help the ...view middle of the document...

Without an appropriate assessment, it is difficult to know what intervention to use and whether the implemented intervention is having the desired effect. School psychologists are qualified to address questions regarding their impact on students and design their own evaluation system. They are required to do professional practices associated with research and program evaluation that include the use of techniques for data collection, analysis, and accountability in evaluation of services at the individual, group, and system levels. They are expected to apply this knowledge of evidence-based interventions and programs in designing, implementing, and evaluating the fidelity and effectiveness of school-based intervention plans. In an everyday setting, school psychologists work with students to provide counseling, instruction, and mentoring to those who are struggling with the social, emotional, and behavioral problems. They want to make sure the students are working to increase their achievement in the classroom instead of going backwards. Working with the families and their students helps them to identify and address the learning and behavioral problems. According to, they are there to teach parenting skills and enhance the home school collaboration. The teachers work with the school psychologist to resolve academic barriers of learning and create a positive learning environment to help the student focus on their goals. They’re also there to help the teacher motivate the students. Administrators also work with the school psychologist to promote school policies and practices that ensure the safety of all students by reducing school violence, bullying, and harassment. They work to collect and analyze data on improving the school, the student outcomes, and accountability requirements. According to Holli Lovegrove, School Psychologist at Fillmore Central Public Schools, with the teachers, administrators, and parents, it’s all about being a team player. You have to learn to communicate with each other and when something doesn’t go your way, you have to learn to be patient with them. You can’t get frustrated just because your idea wasn’t used in the learning process. School psychologists use single-case designs, which are widely considered to be one of the best methods for evaluating intervention effectiveness and linking practitioner efforts to student growth over time. Although school psychologists are not typically involved in the direct implementation of academic and behavioral interventions, they do play an essential role in collaborative problem solving with individual teachers as a member of a problem-solving team. In 2002, President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act, which is another piece of federal legislation. According to the book Collaborative Consultation in the Schools, the requirements include the annual testing in reading and math of all students in grades 3 through 8, and the provision of additional funds...

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