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School Safety Essay

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We need to research and solve the concussion problem for many reasons. Concussions are caused when the brain is moved around inside of a persons head, and collides the inner walls of their skull. As well as a concussion, this can result in bruising of the brain, torn blood vessels, and injured nerves. Most concussions result in a change or alteration of consciousness of some sort, however a loss of consciousness is not required for a concussion to be diagnosed. There are two kinds of concussions, simple concussions and complex concussions. A person who has a simple concussion typically experiences symptoms that improve within 7-10 days. A person who has a complex concussion typically ...view middle of the document...

Other communities and schools also face a concussion problem. The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) requires all schools that are members of the IHSA to have students and parents sign waivers before they join a school sport. These waivers say that the school is not liable if a concussion (or other injury) is attained, but it also allows them to give the student medical attention. This helps solve the problem because the student can receive instant medical attention for their concussion, making their recovery faster.
Our drill safety problem is also important to research and solve. Drills like fire drills and tornado drills teach students what to do in the event of an emergency. They help ensure that nobody gets hurt in the process of getting to safety. Edgewood has three fire drills per school year. We are supposed to have them once every month. In Illinois alone, property damage costs are over 1.2 billion dollars in fire damage annually. That is without workers compensation and lawsuits. About 71% of structure fires in educational buildings are for schools that house preschool-12 graders, and an estimated 4,060 school fires occurred annually between 2007 and 2011. Edgewood has two tornado drills; one in the spring and one in the fall. Although a tornado is less likely to occur than a fire in Illinois, having only two drills per year still is dangerous for everyone in the building.
If this problem goes unfixed, it will put students and staff members in danger. If a student or staff member does not know what to do in the event of an emergency, they will be a danger to not only themselves but everyone around them.
Our community tries to maximize safety in events of emergencies by having designated escape routes for buildings in the event of fires, tornadoes, and earthquakes. However, the people of our community do not recognize the problem of the situation because they do not see that only having three fire drills and two tornado drills is that big of an issue.
Other communities deal with drills in the same way that Edgewood has them. For example, a middle school called Stephens Middle School runs drills and evacuations the same way Edgewood does. They line up single file, then exit the building via their escape route.
Building Safety at Edgewood is also a problem that is important to research and solve. Building safety ensures that the students and staff, or anyone else in the school at the time is in a safe environment to learn and be productive. At Edgewood, there is only one way into the school during the day, and that is the main office. If a visitor wants to get into the school, they ring the buzzer outside of the door, and the secretary lets them in. Who comes in is not filtered by anything other than whether or not the person looks friendly. This is a problem because once the person is let into the building, they can do almost whatever they want. If they have bad intentions it puts everyone in the school at risk.
If this...

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