School Should Meet Students Needs Better

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The educational leaders who control the schools can either be the state board of education or the principal. This control is decided by the state and whatever laws they abide to in that state. Principal job duties include responsibility of managing school programs, pupil personnel, community relations, physical facilities and student behavior and coordinating professional. However, the school board also can control the schools. The school boards are responsible for enacting policies that adhere to the spirit and letter federal, state and local laws and codes to assist the school systems in ensuring that students are provided an education that meets the needs of all students being served. An example of the school board of education being in control of schools is when the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 became law. The first tool that the Iowa State Board of Education has implemented for success in the classroom entails the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) policies is a course on test preparation concerning the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) and Iowa Tests of Educational Development (ITED). This course involves different types of test preparation activities.

These activities will consist of exactly the same questions that will be on the test to be administered, and target instruction to cover only the content areas to be tested. Second tool is the Instructional Decision Making (IDM). The IDM is a proactive process that provides direction for districts, buildings, and teachers to effectively meet each students individual learning needs. The third tool is the Universal Design for Learning (UDL). This design is an educational approach to curriculum and instruction through using technology to enable students with diverse learning needs.
The educational leaders who are responsible for the policies that govern the schools are state and federal government. School boards have lost their power in policy making decisions. An example of state and federal government being in control of policy making is NCLB. In the NCLB districts are expected to carry out reforms immediately or suffer the consequences of a loss of federal money or school restructuring. The state government is also responsible for stripping power from local school authorities. The current reform model sets curriculum standards at the state level, with those standards translated into instruction at the school level (Sell, 2005).
Unfortunately society is who determines the ethnic, social, and economic goals of education. Many United States citizens were not permitted the material rights and rewards produce out of historical events due to their racial category that society placed them in. Teacher education programs over the US are without reservation or doubt is partly responsible for the racial things that they are within the school...

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