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School Sports? Essay

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Last year 55.5 percent of high schoolers across The United States of America participated in high school sports. This is over half of our high school students. School sports are a part of American culture. High school sports often do cost a large chunk of money, moreover, there are many financial aid options to help accommodate the less economically privileged. High school sports are important because they minimize the obese population, provide a safe place for people to socialize, and they give kids an incentive to have good grades.
One in every three of the American children is obese. In order to lose weight you must be burning more calories than you are consuming. How does one burn calories without a fun interactive way to burn calories? High school sports will allow students to burn calories in a fun environment to make habits stick. Many high school sports also teach nutrition. This is very ...view middle of the document...

Because these two things are happening together this person may become a healthy, fit, buff person as who they are. Our students can make new friends that have something in common with them. New friends are always a good thing. You never have enough friends. When these students get together with their new friends it is likely that they will practice for a future game or tournament. This is killing two birds with one stone. Keeping our kids fit, while being social. This is a better life than sitting next to a friend playing a video game. Our kids need a socail life. School sports give our kids a safe social life outside of class.
Throughout the years our students are spending more time playing sports, meanwhile the average GPA is increasing. 2.9 for boys, and 3.1 for girls. This is a dramatic increase for our nation. It doesn't end there. Females have a 41 percent higher chance of graduating sports when they partake in high school sports. This means that playing high school sports help our children for life. The average GPA requirement for high school students is 2.0. This is an incentive for our students to work hard in school to ensure that they can play sports in high school.
With so much time and money going into high school sports we have some of the worst test grades in the world. Some argue that because we spend so much time on sports our students turn more assignments in late, and have worse test grades. Though this may be true, we are seeing our GPA’s raise as more kids play sports. This could be because kids are working hard to keep their grades up to be allowed to be playing the sport. Our nation needs sports for academic improvement.
High school sports are important because they minimize the obese population, they provide a safe place for people to socialize, and they give kids an incentive to have good grades. Our nation is getting skinnier as more people play sports. Our kids our getting bullied. We need to stand up for our children and prevent bullying by providing a safe place for socialization. With so many students playing high school sports our academics are rapidly improving.

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