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Introducing School Uniforms To The School Districts Of America

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School Uniforms
Introducing school uniforms to the school districts of America has been an ongoing heated debate topic for years. Uniforms contain violence and fights, but they also take away the students’ individuality. Kids have been killed over what they are wearing, but you will still be taking away their right to choose what they want to wear. Both sides have equally balanced points. I believe that school uniforms should be used in local school districts because they are less expensive, they make it easier for teachers to enforce dress codes, and stops kids from judging each other on their appearances.
A definite plus of having school uniforms in your school district is that they are less expensive than your normal clothing. As the mother of a 15 year old daughter, 52 year old Caryl Schweitzer says that uniforms may not be inexpensive, but they are worth the money spent on them as you only need to buy a few sets to last the whole year. For parents, a typical uniform is cheaper than the regular expensive, flashy clothing that their children coerce them into buying in order to impress their friends at school. Many schools also agree that school uniforms are better than designer clothing because they are made to be washed and worn over and over. They can also be found on discount or be passed down to younger siblings to prevent buying more. Buying one set of clothing for a school uniform will last weeks, even months, longer than normal clothing. There is no need to buy more clothing than you are going to wear more than once in or out of school. School uniforms can be used over and over again as many times as necessary anywhere, and they would still last long enough to be passed down if they get too small. Having uniforms worn in school will not only help parents, but teachers as well.
By wearing school uniforms, it is also easier for teachers to enforce dress codes at school. In states that do permit dress codes, by wearing uniforms, teachers will be able to easily see when students are not following the dress code and enforce adequate punishment so that students will be more appropriate at school. School uniform expert Matt Buesing says that when students wear uniforms, it is easier to do a quick check on the students’ clothing as soon as they enter the door so that they will go through the school day wearing appropriate clothing. As kids wear uniforms to school more often, they are more respectful and attentive to their teachers and their peers adds Stephen Daniels, director of research for the North Carolina Family Policy Council. When students wear school uniforms, even if they don’t like it, they will grow used to wearing a uniform. Some students may even want to adjust or accessorize their uniforms, but with people all around them who are wearing the same thing the correct way, there is little chance that they will try to keep their uniforms different for very long. Teachers will also be able to spot students who aren’t wearing their...

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