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Do School Uniforms Really Produce A Positive Learning Environment

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The use of school uniform is focus on the private school in the United States. Uniforms were made mandatory for “all students in the belief that they would create an environment conducive to learning and produce an atmosphere of pride, academic achievement, loyalty, unity, and equality among the student population” (Chittom, Ginsburg). In contrast, public school did not require to wear uniforms and open to all students. Parents think it did not have their child’s individual’s right and support the uniforms policy. Although it did not have their child’s individual right, there are many things that have advantages to wear uniforms. One of the well-known examples of the start using uniforms in public schools is the case of California’s Long Beach Unified School District in 1994. The LBUSD became first school that required school uniforms. Since that time, other public school district such as in Florida, Maryland, California, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina start develop uniforms policies (Chittom, Ginsburg). After President Bill Clinton made a speech about school uniforms in 1996, school uniforms policies started use more even in the public school. The school uniforms start to produce a positive learning environment. However, researchers and parents are start questioning whether the school uniforms really improve students’ academic achievement. The uniforms policies were debating since then.
School uniforms help students to improve their behavior and learning responsibility. Since they are wearing uniforms, they know that they don’t come to school for fun but for learning. Wearing school uniforms “signal that he or she is going to school just like dad dresses to go to work” (Mallet). It gives students more motivated to work and focus. According to Bransfield, principle of the Linden Steam academy, said that he likes the ideas on the school uniforms because “it lets kids know that when you're in school, it's time for business; it's not a fashion show" (qtd. in Sweeney). Uniforms make students to motivate that they are at school. School offices witness that students who wear a school uniform have “better student attitudes and fewer discipline problems” (Prill et al). Not only that, it also decreases forming the gang groups. It helps students improve their learning and prevent students from building gangster group.

Uniforms also make students to prepare to dress like a professional. Students who “learn to dress appropriately in school also can do so in a professional setting, such as offices” (Prill et al). Uniforms help students to learn how to dress appropriate clothes. Since they are wearing uniforms, they will get the ideas of how the professional places want to dress. Uniform decreases the student’s behavior problem such as attendances rate and suspension rates (Brunsma, Rockquemore). Uniforms instill discipline help students focus on their studies and eliminate pressure on parents to outfit their kids (Kelly). Academic performances have...

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