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School Uniforms Essay

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There have been a lot of people in the United States debating on whether or not wearing school uniforms since centuries ago. In the United States, most public schools do not require to wear uniforms. However, students are required to wear uniforms in private schools. While in most of the countries, either in a public or private school, require to wear uniforms. They even have summer and winter uniforms according to the weather. There are some pros and cons of wearing uniforms. Most of the people think that wearing uniforms can help student decrease the rate of gang activity, and behave well in school. However, some of the parents think that wearing the uniform do not have their children’s ...view middle of the document...

The uniforms reveal which school he or she goes to. Therefore, if a person violates a law on the street, then the public knows that which school the person goes to by looking at the uniforms he or she’s wearing.
Since the uniforms represents the identity of a school, that encounters the students to be targeted by the other students from another school. That would lead the problem back to the violating fights. School uniforms, on the other side, have affected on the student who teases or bully often based on the identified and emphasizes division between schools. The legal concerns focus on the belief that requiring a uniform, (Absolute Phrase) students individual right was violated (Brunsma, Rockquemore 2). Most students do not feel safe anymore to be inside or outside the school.
The school uniforms improve attendance and increases a students’s belonging and school prides. Uniforms reduce undesirable behavior because they put students in the right frame of mind to learn (Portner 1). The 1988 National Educational longitudinal Study and the 1998 Early Childhood longitudinal study, (Appositive Phrase) Burunsma conducted his own analysis of two enormous databases. He concluded that there is no positive correlation between uniform and school safety or academic achievement (3). According to the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988, school uniforms have no direct effect on substance use, behavior problem or attendance (Brunsma 1). Draa’s study determined that school uniforms are unable to connect uniforms with academic improvement because of complicating factors as changing instructional methods and studies (Wilde 3). The Long Beach appears to be the first school system to success in improving student behavior (Portner 2). At the Rogers middle school, (Inversion) students’ fights have “declined by 40 percent” (Portner 2). Students' success is taking many forms in fewer absences, less tardies, less truancies, fewer referrals to the office for behavior problems, fewer suspensions and expulsions, better grades and, considerably higher achievement. (Burnsma, Rockquemore 2).
Many administers think uniforms will ensure kids behavior better. Uniforms are easier for administrators to enforce than dress codes. The student was sent to detention for wearing the socks adorned with the image of Winnie the Pooh’s friend Tigger then her parents sued the school district for violating the freedom of speech (wilde 2).“Uniforms instill discipline, help students focus on their and eliminate pressure on parents to outfit their kids” (Kelly 1). Against school districts for the uniforms, most of the parents filed the lawsuit (Inversion). Kelly takes issue with lawsuits filed against school districts on the grounds that the students’ rights to choose clothing are First Amendment freedom (1). In Kelly’s view, To improve learning skills, discipline, and focus, (Infinitive Phrase) school require children to put on the uniforms in reasonable way (1). The critics...

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