The Pros Of Having A School Uniform Policy

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Dealing with a school uniform policy has always been a controversial topic. The argument stands that can be demeaning, costly, and suppressing to one’s self-expression. While I once could agree with that and thought my individuality would be taken, I can now see how a uniform can be for the best. School uniforms are effective in decreasing gang violence, economic difference in schools, and they cut the preparation for school time in half. A uniform can be a loose set of expectations to a strict formal dress code varying on the location.
In one periodical, we are shown where a president stated “public schools should be allowed to require uniforms if it would mean “teenagers will stop killing each other of designer jackets.” (Former president Bill Clinton) President Clinton spoke these words over a teen losing his life over a pair of expensive baseball shoes, while another was killed in crossfire over a jacket. Economic difference has such an issue in schools nationwide, we have children and teens fighting and injuring others over shoes and clothes. While fancy threads make us feel good about ourselves and our standing in this money hungry world, another individual may feel like buying a five dollar top is a splurge! The world today has placed such an importance on certain brands that those who cannot afford some items would go to any length to obtain the items. There is a struggle amongst teens to “feel better” than others, one way they do that is by wearing obvious high cost brands. By requiring a uniform, we are taking away the labels on the clothing and everyone is equal. There would not be students feeling down for what they can’t afford and distracting them from schooling.
Another plus of a solid uniform dress code, especially in a bigger city is not allowing certain colors. It is found that certain colors are related to gang affiliation, some colors may even come as a shock that they are related to such activity! The color red usually stands for Blood gang and their “sets” that branch of from them, along with the same for the color blue and the Crip gang. When a school adopts a dress code with specific colors allowed to be worn, it cuts out members of opposing gang members being noticed as easy. While some smaller schools where gangs aren’t as active, a more relaxed uniform would be suitable, a city like Memphis, TN, it would be more necessary.
A great plus to school uniforms is that the time it takes to prepare for school in the morning is reduced. I personally have attended both a school with and without a uniform policy, I found that when I had a set uniform versus full choice things went much smoother! I have never been an early morning person, I was much like other teens when it came to sleeping as late...

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