School Uniforms Are A No Essay

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Twenty three percent of schools across the United States require a uniform(“Mcdermott”).Should schools require children to wear uniforms?Are uniforms superior or inferior?Many people have a different opinion on this topic.Can uniforms be used for good purposes? Sure, but think about all the cons over pros.Uniforms are a terrible decision for schools for three main reasons: it doesn”t allow students to express themselves properly,the cost of uniforms is very expensive,and many people have said it has helped with the crime rate and attendance but there is no evidence of that(“school uniforms pros and cons”).

Expression of Individuality

When a child wears a uniform does it justify their freedom of individuality.No, it’s

said to not let kids show individuality because all the students are wearing the same thing.They can’t wear jeans and a tee- shirt, or sweatpants to be lazy.It is also said that students will find other ways to express themsleves.This could be in the form of tattooing, piercings, or crazy died hair.The way children decide to express themsleves may be more disracting than uniforms.Some kids may be already nervous about going to school and talking to new people, uniforms may lessen students comfort level even more(pros and cons of uniforms).Dress codes are horrible and uniforms are boring. Kids should be creative with what they wear, and they can't do that with a uniform.

This last explanation of why uniforms are terrible was said by a thirteen year old from Pennsylvania named Lila.This explanation hits the nail right on the head.If you ask a around most students are going to say the same thing.

Does Everyone Have The Money?

Uniforms are very expensive especially if parents have more than one child in school.The average cost to clothe an individual child in a uniform is $249 per school year.(“pros and cons of uniforms”).Think about if there were multiple children in the family.Plus most parents are not just buying uniforms, they also buy their kids other clothes to wear on the weekend.Think about it thats $249 just for a uniforms and then whatever your kid wants to wear around the house.That money could be used for something else more important. They serve as an unnecessary double expense for parents.(“Libertarian)”.Why should parents have to spend that much money on clothing that children don’t even like to wear.Most kids are not very fond of wearing uniforms and will only wear them if told to do so.Think about it if you were a child would you want to make your parents buy you a uniform,or a nice pair of jeans and a cool shirt.Without the cost of uniforms there is more money for children to buy what they actually enjoy wearing (Libertarian).

Attendance and Crime Rate

There is no direct evidence stating that crime rate and attendance has improved because of uniforms(“school uniforms pros and cons”).Just cause students may not be being bullied throughout their own school, other people from other schools may...

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