School Uniforms Are An Important Tool To Allow Students To Learn Without Distraction

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The before school arguments over what to wear, and the ridiculous pricing of fashionable brand clothing, have become a harsh reality to many parents and their children. Because children feel a deep need to fit in with their peers, they face the never ending contest of comparison and stereotypes. On the other hand, many students do not have families that can provide them with the newest, sought after clothing and struggle to do so even when getting clothes from thrift stores and hand me downs. At the same time, in some schools gang signs and gang related clothing can be an issue, as well as fights and violence. Studies have shown that school uniforms are a solution to these problems that affect student interaction and productiveness in school. Therefore, school uniforms allow students to learn without distractions and should be readily available to all.
To begin with, school uniforms are an economical choice for all school districts. Often, school uniforms are seen as an inexpensive alternative and better option for families to provide school appropriate clothing. In addition, most parents prefer purchasing uniforms than having to buy the latest expensive retail fashions for their children (Walmsley). Also, utilizing school uniforms have proven to lower costs of clothing. For example, a paper presented by Michael Firmin, Suzanne Smith, and Lynsey Perry during the 16th Annual Ethnographic and Qualitative Research in Education Conference, shows that many parents of students think that school uniforms would lessen overall clothing expenses over time (Konheim-Kalkstein). In other words, this proves that apparel expenses will likely decrease greatly over time, saving families’ from an other expenditure. In conclusion, school uniforms help to save students and their families’ money, and play a key role in reducing clothing budgets.
Most importantly, for a uniform policy to be effective, schools have to provide uniforms to those students in need. Many times, families are not able to afford the upfront cost of a uniform. Similarly, some low income families have to rely on hand-me-downs and thrift store clothing to begin with, and would not be able to purchase a new uniform (Konheim-Kalkstein).As a result, these needy families will require aid so their students can also follow mandatory school requirements. For this reason, financial aid is provided to help low income students, though it may be different for each school district. Likewise, schools must ascertain how to accommodate families that have financial struggles. Uniforms can be quite expensive at first, but some school districts collect uniforms that students have outgrown and give them to low income students. Other schools are able to give donated money to parents, so they are able to purchase their children's uniforms (Konheim-Kalkstein).Consequently, school districts can help low income students greatly by getting them the proper attire needed to attend school. Finally, school uniforms are an...

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