School Uniforms Have The Potential To Resolve Student Stress

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Throughout California, high school students are faced with the daily challenge of figuring out what they will wear to school the following day. As simple as this may sound, it does produce a lot of anxiety and stress among teenagers. Some students stress over the fact that they have a limited wardrobe, while others worry about being judged by their peers for their fashion choices. The problem of students having too much stress has the potential of becoming a serious health problem among high school students. It is understood that students should have some level of stress as it is a natural part of life. However, too much stress is bad for one’s health and can impact a student’s ability to ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, uniforms make school a safer and more comfortable learning environment, which can help students relieve some stress (Dean, “The Great School Uniform Debate”).
II. Uniforms Help Families Economize by Reducing Clothing Cost
Uniforms are cost efficient and will reduce the clothing costs for parents. The statement about uniforms being cost efficient has been argued within the past. However, there is evidence that uniforms save money because there is a large fee at the start of the school year and then minor additional fees as the year continues (Chen, “Public School Uniforms: The Pros and Cons for Your Child”). Parents will no longer need to shop for one-hundred dollar jeans every few months. Parents can purchase the two-hundred and fifty dollar uniform that will last their child an entire year (McDermott, “School uniforms: Whether you're for them or against them, this hot debate refuses to go away”). Parents wouldn’t buy their child the newest clothes just so they could keep up with the latest trends and fit in. Students will not have to stress about the new clothes or shoes that are coming out and will have more time to study or free time.
III. Uniforms Allow Students to Improve their Academic Performance
It is a fact that uniforms improve the academic performance of high school students (Brunsman ?). Uniforms have even improved test results because there is one less factor to stress about. Uniforms can reduce the number of distractions in the classroom. Uniforms contribute in many ways to reduce the number of distractions in the classroom. One way uniforms contribute is by limiting the tardiness of students (Chen, “Public School Uniforms: The Pros and Cons for Your Child”). When students are tardy they can be a distraction and disrupt the entire class by entering the classroom in a loud manner. Uniforms have helped limit tardy students because they do not need as much time in the morning since their attire for the day has already been chosen for them. Uniforms also help students focus on the lessons and lectures of the teacher instead of the attire of other students. Surprisingly many classrooms distractions have to do with the attire of students.
IV. The California Legislature Should Pass a Law Making Schools Require Uniforms
High schools in California should require students in...

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