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School Uniforms Are A Good Idea In Public Schools

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Henry Ford once said, "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." In other words, having a school uniform would be a success if public schools adopted the policy. Many good things will come because of how effective it can lead in public schools. In 1987, the first public school to adopt the uniform policy would be Cherry Hill Elementary in Baltimore, MD. Then decades and centuries later, many of the United States began following that policy. Over millions of dollars were being used to purchase uniforms and are still today. Because school uniforms are a better way to improve schooling, better manage-ments, and reduce ways to hurt one another, it is a way to bring the school as well as the com-munity to be closer together.
School uniforms positively affects public schools because it is for the benefits of the stu-dents' lives as well as those who play a major role in their lives. It will also make the school look more professional by having the students' behavior reflect from the uniform, which are stable. Having uniforms has a positive impact on society because of academic achievements, no judg-ments, and is a time-savior. Guaranteeing that having school uniforms will save a lot of time get-ting ready for school. Not only are the students not being able to make a decision about the dress code, but also the school administrators.
Principal Saunders stated that he would spend "60-90 minutes a day on dress-code violations" (S4). Which explains why there are no more getting in a rush in the mornings, and not having to worry about the principal's approval. Another great use for having uniforms would be that no will judge, it reduces bullying, and no distractions. Bullying has had and still is a major discussion today. Kids and young adults have taken their own lives because of one person making fun of what they wear.
At Allen High, PA, teacher Kim Burke said, "a student was teased for supposedly wear-ing knockoff jeans"(S1). In other words, it is just the simplest thing that each individual has a problem with and it is being done by being aggressive with that person. With the school uni-forms, there is nothing funny going on. Everyone is going to look the same no matter how dif-ferent the skin colors are because it's all about the uniforms, and how it signifies the dress policy. At Long Beach Unifies School District in California, a 2-year study (1993-1995) was proven to decrease rates on K-8. It was clearly said to be a "remarkable improvement: a 28 percent drop in suspension rates at the elementary level, a 36 percent decline in middle school suspensions, a 51 percent decrease in fights, and a 34 percent drop in assault and battery in elementary and middle school" (S4). These students are now more focused on how to build a better future for them. By putting on uniforms in public schools, there are so many students now more focused on their work instead of teasing or bullying.
The opposing side...

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