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School Uniforms Why? Essay

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School Uniforms Why

What has this world come to, school uniforms? Kids don’t want to wear school uniforms. They want to be able to express their personality. So this research will be talking about how kids don’t like uniforms and they want to express their self in their own clothes of their choice. If the people got rid of uniforms the world will still be the same, it won’t be the end of the world. If people want kids to wear uniforms then the people should wear uniforms for the job that people work in. The uniforms have to go. This paper is arguing that the school uniforms is not the next big thing and that they should go.
What do kids think of school uniforms? According to kids think that they should be able to wear what the want to so their personality. Kids want to show school spirit but don’t want uniforms to do that.The kids think that if they have to wear school uniforms than the teachers should have to wear school uniforms or wear the colors of the uniforms. ( Kids want to express themselves just not by wearing uniforms but the clothes they want to wear.So the kids don’t like uniforms but some of the kids like them because thay like to match everyone but most kids want to be diffrent. If people want uniforms than the kids should be able to design their uniforms. So that is what the kids of school uniforms.
What do the teachers and the staff members think of the school uniforms? A school uniform is a special cloth worn by pupils at a particular school. Also it is an British tradition and is rarely found in the U.S (Oxford University). According to Dr.Alan Hilfer uniforms do eliminate competition pressure and assaults perpetrated by older kings for their sneakers and other possessions (Hilfer 1). The school workers think that the uniforms make them look smart and neat (polk county). Joe Donzelli says,” if you forget your uniform and have to borrow one you will not get turned down by the school ( Donzelli 1). According to Ryan Schwartz, even if your school doesn't have school uniforms you still have a dress code on what you can wear. If you forget to wear one piece of your uniform if the school doesn't’ have any extra a parent will be called and you will set in the Internal Suspension room (Schwartz 1). This is what the teachers and the school workers think of the school uniforms.
How about the money cost of school uniforms?...

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