School Violence: A Rising Problem In America

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School Violence is a rising problem in schools across America. After the tragedy of the shootings at Columbine High School in April of 1999, authorities have been forced to open their eyes and see that this growing problem needs to be addressed. New ways are being introduced to prevent school violence. The way to prevent violence in high schools is to teach the elementary and middle schools not to be prejudice, racist or sexist.This article talks about the growing amount of school shootings around the country. It also states the difficulty of securing schools from the ones who want to harm students. Security cameras, door buzzers, and video monitors were installed in schools in Monongalia County, West Virginia, totaling $500,000. The cameras and door buzzers are used to deter anyone who wants to cause harm to the students. The article states ways to avoid violence in the school, such as requiring identification around the school, locking all exterior doors to keep intruders out, and not allowing students to re-enter the building after leaving. Finally, schools should practice ways of exiting the building in cases of terrorist attacks or school shootings similar to fire drills.Forney a model for security in schoolsThis article mentions the many different ways that the Forney school district has taken towards preventing school violence and keeping students safe in the event of an emergency. They have carried out safe school policies in two particular ways. First, the school requires color coded badges to the staff and volunteers. Second, all of the volunteers are given a driver's license check to ensure the person is not a threat to the children attending the school. The school has made lockdown and fire drills mandatory, quarterly and monthly, respectively. During a lockdown, students and faculty are locked securely behind doors with the exception of the principal, assistant principal, and a counselor to walk the halls checking for any red cards that may have slipped under the door by teachers. Red cards symbolize trouble and green cards symbolize safety. The teachers can also communicate through the intercoms installed in every classroom.Holmen school safety meeting draws big crowd, questionsIn Holmen Wisconsin, a student brought in a knife at the middle school and there was a bomb threat at the...

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