School Violence: Bullies And Victims Essay

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Many parents believe that sending their children to school is almost certainly the safest place for them to be, nevertheless it is probably one of the worlds most dangerous places in the United States. School violence has been around for many generations. School violence may be terminated if we take the right actions. Students get affected in several different ways and react differently from their peers.
School violence is a belligerent activity that can happen with school staff as well, as well as with students. Bullying is also a form of school violence, such as name calling and spreading rumors. School violence happens on school property, on the way to and from school, sponsored events, ...view middle of the document...

About 5% reported that they had been missing school because they were scared within the 30 days prior to the survey because they were scared. Also about 7% reported to be threatened or injured with a weapon on school property 30 days prior to the survey.
Most people who start school shootings have mental disorders no one knew about, or forgot to take their medications. Therefor after they commit the crimes they don’t know why they did it or end up taking their own life there. some even take their life awaiting trial. According to the website page Timeline School Violence in the U.S., some historical school shootings include: May 18, 1927 farmer Andrew Kehoe set off two explosions killing himself, six adults, and thirty-eight children in Bath, Michigan. Convict Paul Oregon exploded a suitcase of dynamite on a school playground killing himself, two adults and three children in Edgar Allen Poe Elementary school in Houston, Texas. Fifteen year old Roger Needham killed his former bully in Everett High School in Lansing, Michigan. After four years of being detained in juvenile detention, Needham was released. Later he earned a PhD in math and worked as a professor in Missouri and New York.
The word bully can be tracked down all the way to the 1530’s. Bullying involves two people, the victim and the intimidator. More than 4,000...

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