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     Imagine going to school and finding half of your friends are moving to different schools because they have qualified for a school voucher. It’s difficult to see them go because you have known them all your life. It’s also difficult to watch them attend the school which everyone knows in your community is known to better than the one you are currently attending. Questions are also brought up to your mind with school vouchers. Students who don’t qualify may ask themselves am I put into a disadvantage because my friends are attending a school, which is known to better than mine? Did my friends choose to attend this school or were there parents up to it? These questions can cause a dilemma to the students and their families. There are many advantages to school vouchers, however there are also disadvantages. Knowing both sides can lead you to your view of the school voucher.
     One of the advantages is more competition between schools. If the whole country is involved with the voucher system, the schools will somewhat compete for funding. For example if a school loses enough students that school will also end up losing their funding. Forcing that school to reexamine their practices to provide better teaching procedures. With the voucher system schools with “common” segregation will somewhat be decreased. Private schools with a common Caucasian population will receive a higher enrollment of minorities. The school voucher system gives all students equal opportunity. For the recipients they are not just given money they are also given the choice to choose schools, schools including private and parochial schools. This is good for families who wanted their children to attend these schools with high tuition, but could never afford it.
     There are also disadvantages with the voucher program. The voucher program is set up to improve student performance. However, its not one hundred percent effective. According to data received from two different cities a Wisconsin program indicates that three years in private schools, voucher students showed greater gains in both reading and mathematics. In an Ohio program voucher students...

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