School Vouchers A Great Relief!

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In the United States of America today, not all the people are rich. Giraitis states that "At the extremes, poorer school districts were outspent by richer school districts by a factor of five to one (5:1) or more in per-pupil expenditures, often taxing themselves at higher rates on their meager tax bases to obtain even these low levels of educational support" (p.1). Parents have a lot of expectations for their children. A family may have a lot of members (more than one child including the parents) or just one child. To support education to just one child can be affordable by the parent but to pay the education for a lot of members in the family is going to be a big expense. Even by considering the education of just one handicapped child in the family, the medical expense as well as the education expense is really high. Though the medical expense can be covered through insurances, educational expenses should also be covered by some means. It is the government's responsibility to look forward that education is being given to each and every child in the community. Therefore, by bringing the concept of school vouchers, a family can be relieved of at least a part of the educational expense, a part of which is paid by the government. Therefore by considering the following reasons, it can be understood that school vouchers are really beneficial.Firstly, a major part of the population of the United States of America is poor. The major portion of this poor community comprises of the "˜African Americans'. It has been surveyed and concluded that among those poor "˜African Americans', 40 percent of them support the voucher system (Malveaux, January 18, 2001, p.1). The main reason for this support is due to the parent's expectations of their children to come up respectable and sociable in the society. According to Fuller (September 15, 2000) " "If you want a P.2 democracy," Dr.Kenneth Clark said, "instead of tyranny and violence, you must have an educated populance" " (p.1). Therefore in order to give them good quality education, they have to be funded by some means and their one and only mean is the government. By this funding in the form of school voucher, a lot of families especially the African Americans can be saved. This funding can also help them in putting their children in the school of their choice. It has also been put forward by a lot of African Americans that getting these school vouchers is a part of their civil right. According to Mr.Wasow, 29 years of age and the...

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