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School Vs. Online Education. Essay

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School is always the best place for children and teenagers come to learn new things and practice for their future lives. People have got used to schooling for a long time, and it's become an requirement. But nowadays, science and technology have developed. And people no longer need to go to school in order to learn somethings new. They can do home schooling or even self-taught. Internet's become a very useful device for every uses, especially for study. There are lots of informations and knowledges on the internet. People can get what they want with only a click of computer's mouse. It's very easy and convenient for everybody to use. Therefore, a lot of people now prefer doing on-line education instead of going to school. In fact, people can get a approximate same amount of knowledge from the internet as they go to school. Besides, internet is much faster and more effective than schooling. You can learn whatever you want, or you think you need, whenever you want. Moreover, when you study in your own way, you feel free and independent. You also have a motivation to focus on only one thing. And you can save time and even money, too.But still, a lot of people choose to go to school to prepare for life. Is it because they don't have a computer or they've not got access to the internet? The answer is: No! It's because they realize that they would miss a lot of things for staying at the computer all day. They may waste their whole childhood, which is the most beautiful time in a human being's life. School is not a place just for academic purpose. Indeed, we've built the school environment to teach our new generation knowledges, develop intellectual, personal talent as well as personality and practice social spirit widely. Human's knowledge is endless, even the internet can't contain all the things that a person need to know. Moreover, there are many activities in the school that make you feel like home, like you are a member of a whole community. So that you feel please to open up your mind, your heart, willingly to share ideas, emotions to people, which you can't...

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