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The book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ describes the wide social acceptance of racial prejudice that existed in Southern America during the 1930s. However, some characters do not exhibit these characteristics, sometimes contradicting social expectation. Author, Harper Lee, does this to show the reader the importance of maintaining personal integrity, despite dominant social attitudes. This essay will describe how Harper Lee conveys this message through the examination of three characters who display their ability maintain personal integrity; Atticus and his belief of equality, Dolphus Raymond and his preference with living with Negroes and Link Deas’s support for Tom Robinson.
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He is described in parts of the book his preference of living with Negros against his own society. When Scout and Dill asks why he prefers being with Negros, he states that he despises the hypocrisy of white people, the fact that they ‘gave hell’ to Negros, without stopping to contemplate the fact that Negros are also human beings and should be given the same treatment as white people. He continues to say that he acknowledges the fact that white people don’t appreciate the way he lives, but he doesn’t care what they think. He would rather pretend to be an alcoholic so he can live with Negroes than to agree with what society’s values. This preference of living with Negroes, even if he has to abandon his own society because of the discrimination they do against Negroes, shows his ability to maintain personal integrity, despite social attitudes.
Lastly, there is Link Deas, a man who openly supports Tom Robinson, even when it is not acceptable in society to stand up and protect black people, when white people have...

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