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School Work Program Essay

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The school to work program is a course that allows students to make a connection between school and the outside world. At Roosevelt High, in Portland, Oregon, the drop out rate was thirteen percent and students went directly from High School to low-paying dead end jobs because they didn't see a reason to stay in school. This program will offer students understanding of a particular occupation while being able to watch experienced workers on the job. Harriet Webster explains that existing school to work program "...includes 6 career pathways: natural resources, manufacturing and engineering, human services, health occupations, business and management, and arts and communications."Our school and students can benefit from this program because it enables students to gain experience and a glimpse of how the real world works. It also allows them to use their academic skills in the outside world. Statistics from existing programs like Vital Link show that students that are part of this program take harder courses, perform better on state-mandated tests, do better in school, and get higher paying jobs that those who aren't part of the program.The community and industries would also benefit from this program because more jobs are being given to people and industries would have better, more experienced workers. This program allows society to develop further by building the type of workforce useful in the future years. Businesses need employees who understand the basics of reading, writing and math and this program would allow students to apply these basics to their job. This program would involve many companies and businesses and strengthen...

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