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Schooled is a documentary that inspects how college sports in the U.S. became a billion dollar enterprise built on the backs of unpaid “amateur” athletes. It is filled with conspiracies of the NCAA, and other unresolved cases of gambling, cheating, etc. Showing the dark side of college sports and the price that athletes pay just to be a part of a team that’s full of lying, and false accusations of things that athletes shouldn’t have to worry about. It brings the viewers interviews of players from college sports, and exposes information about the NCAA and athletic departments of famous colleges. Schooled presents a less than pleasing story on the historical aspects of the idea of a system that college athletes play for the love of the sports only.
Sport marketing allows marketers to piggyback on the popularity and devotion that fans have for their favorite sports, teams, or athletes. Since the revenue usually goes to support the team, the marketer is considered a sponsor and is invested in the team’s success. Marketers must advertise to an extra amount of customers, but risk that there ad gets overlooked by fans interested in the game. Marketers use sports to reach...

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