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Schooling Essay

2445 words - 10 pages


Respondent Demographic Response Theme
1 Vendor para makapag-aralsiya Socio Cultural
2 Vendor paramatuto (high pitch voice) tinatanong pa bayan? Political
3 Vendor syempre para may magandangkinabukasan para matapos Socio Cultural
4 Vendor N/A Not Applicable
5 Vendor Para magkaroonsiyangmagandatrabaho Economic

• Bakitniyopinapag-aralanaknyo?

Respondent Demographic Response Theme
1 Vendor makapagaralsiya, para matapos, matapossapagaaral. Socio Cultural
2 Vendor uhm, para di katangasaibangtao, diba, uhm, para, dibapag di ka nag araltangaka, di kamarunongmagbasa Socio Cultural
3 Vendor syemprekailanganyunsabuhay para madalihumanapngtrabaho Economic
4 Vendor Talagangimportanteyungeduksayonsaisangtaolalonangayon. Importantetalagakaseunanguna, Pagnagkapamilyasila Socio Cultural
5 Vendor Responsibilidadkasengmagulangnapagaralinsiya Political
• Anoangimportansyangpag-aaral para sainyo?
College Teacher
Respondents Demographic Response Theme
1 College Teacher “Education is acquiring knowledge and ah.., either you get that at home but it’s best to get it in school because whatever you learned from the house is ahm.., correlated in school, it’s more like ah.., there’s emphasis on a lot of things and ah.., Political
2 College Teacher Education is the best gift that we can have in our lifetime kasi, diba? But aside from learning something from our teachers, we also learn something for our life namagagamitnatin in the near future, for the future. Socio-Cultural

• What is Education?
Respondents Demographic Response Theme
1 College Teacher We need to, students are supposed to go to education or achieve higher education cause’ if you want to reach a certain goal that means you have to learn it in school. Political
2 College Teacher Bakitkailangan mag-aral? Siyemprenapakasimplengsagot! Para pagdating-pagkagraduatemo may naghahana—naghihintaynasayonamagandangbuhay. I mean, siyempre if you graduate meronkangmagandang work napwedemongapplyan unlike kapaghindikanakatapos, kahit anon a langpapasukanmong work diba? Socio-cultural

• Why do students need to pursue education?
Respondents Demographic Response Theme
1 College Teacher “Ya’, because if it’s not in school, the acquiring of knowledge is limited. But in school, you are taught in many aspects. It is a very holistic thing like ahm.., it’s not only doing the exams, it’s not only reading books but relationship even just with your seatmate or relationship with your teacher and other teachers as well. Training
2 College Teacher Schooling? Siguroitoyungparangpumapasokkalangsa school na you just do kung anoyungsinasabingmga teachers mo. Schooling is actually different from education right? Parangyung schooling you just attend the class, listen to your teacher, but you’re not adopting anything that your teachers are teaching you. Discipline

• What is Schooling?
Respondents Demographic Response Theme
1 College Teacher Now, ahm.., it’s, you need an institution to, to build your character....

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