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Schooling In A Parallel Universe: Why Students Should Grade Their Teachers

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Think of your teachers back in middle and high school. You may remember some being old and crabby, while others may have been angels sent down from the heavens. All of these opinions you’ve conjured up are likely based on how much you like them and how they teach. Throughout all their years of molding young minds, teachers have always graded and judged their students, but what if it could be the other way around? What many teachers fail to realize is that a huge reason why they can be disliked is that their teaching style prevents them from making connections they need in order for their students to learn (Ripley). Teaching without making connections is like firing a gun without a bullet. It ...view middle of the document...

What many teachers, principals, and superintendents such as Freeman have found is that the stronger the bonds are between the teachers and students are more important than almost anything in terms of an educational environment. If students are allowed to evaluate their teachers, they can suggest tactics that form stronger relationships with their students that they would’ve been clueless about before (Johnson).

In another similar case, the same online survey consisting of 1,883 European (mostly college) students to make sure the same results apply to different parts of the world. These surveys asked the students to evaluate their teacher/professors based on the criteria of personality, learning environment, and teaching style. In most schools, especially universities, teachers and professors don’t think to or have time for teaching each student in their own way. Instead, lectures to large groups of diverse students are given. Fortunately, though, looking over the students’ responses prompted the teachers involved in the survey to try to take a more individualized approach to teaching in order to allow each unique student to learn at their own speed without having to follow at the pace of an “average” student (Mooney).

Despite all of the potential in teacher evaluations, some people still doubt that it would be a good way to solve the problem. Many people believe that students are too...

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