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Schooling: One Goal, Two Very Different Approaches

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School, some of the best and worst years of my life. During this time I am becoming an individual, learning different skills and abilities, picking careers that suited my interest. I was also making new friends and learning about different cultures. However, not everyone had the same upbringing in school as I did. Amish children have a very different experience than majority of non-Amish students. The differences in schooling and how we socialized are what make English and Amish schools unique and individual, we each have our own personal way of how we shaped who we are and what we want to be.
Based on the definition given by Ferrante, socialization is defined as the process by which people ...view middle of the document...

The length of schooling is about the same for across the board for all schools. We go to school every month except those in the summertime. The reason being is because during that time of the year is great for farming and harvesting. This tradition has stuck from generations. The only difference in length is the time we spend until 8th grade. In English schools you spend a school year in the 8th grade then you will continue on into high school where you begin to take more classes that are related to the things you like; whereas with Amish schools you stay in 8th grade up until about 16 yrs. old. By the time Amish students finish 8th grade many English students will be entering their second or third year of high school depending on age.
Peers in the classroom were also a concern for the parents. They did not want their children attending higher education because they would be attending it with non-Amish children at a critical age in their life. They were not willing to let their children be affected by the “worldly” knowledge and the peers that embellished it. In my personal experience I have learned so much from all of my schooling and my peers. I have learned to adapt to certain situations in my society and how to be a lady. In my younger school years we were taught how to be a friend, how to share, and manners. As we progressed through school we developed more friendships and people skills with different. If I was to compare my experience to those of Amish children I would agree that they are socialized as children however, I will also say that it is limited because they are only allowed to socially interact with the people of their community and that ultimately shapes how they interact with others outside of their community. There is no diversity in their schools. Everyone is of the same religion and pretty much same household upbringing. They miss the experience that allows them to experience all of the variations of people there are in America. I know that what we know may not be what they choose to learn in class but if we have the opportunities to learn about them, to understand their culture I feel they should be allotted the same thing if they so choose too.
My traditional school consisted of at least 4 teachers teaching the same grade level and we were all in our own classrooms. We sometimes were divided by your abilities in school because some excelled faster than others while most of the classes were integrated with a mixture of students with multiple learning abilities. My elementary school was pre-kindergarten to 8th grade. Then, we went to another school for 9th-12th, and finally college. Along the way I made a large amount of friends. They all ranged from different cultural backgrounds to religions to races; with having so many different experiences and encounters with a wide range of people I have a greater respect for diversity and willingness to know about others.
However, the Amish have a different way of schooling. In...

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