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The world we live in is designed to keep people with power in power and the ones without power without power. As we go through our respective schools one thing remains hidden from the ones going through it. What is remaining hidden is their real intent of the school system. Why are the people with power making use go to school in the United States and most of the world. John T. Gatto talks about the real intent off school in his essay “Against School”. He says that the school system is meant to turn out well-behaved students ready to start working. Further school systems are made to make students feel alone and weak so that most will follow the group. Some, however, do not follow the group like in the case of Richard Rodriguez in his essay “The Achievement of Desire”. He is isolated from his family and most of his classmates for just about all of his academic career. This happens to a lot of students but more so in high school nowadays. If they wanted what is best for us they should not just assume they know what we want in our school system. They could change our schooling so that we can do what we enjoy doing James P. Gee and Elisabeth R. Hayes talk about this concept in their essay “Language and Learning in the Digital Age”. The people with power could use passionate affinity spaces to teach us what we want to learn. Having us learn what we want to learn will make us want to learn it. How we should teach our students and how we really are teaching them, does not help and doses not teach our students anything. The education system in the U.S. is broken but it can be easily fixed with modern technology. With all of the video games out there it is not hard to tell what kids are in to just ask them what games they like. If they say they like Minecraft put them in an art or computer programing class. With the endless amount of games and the expanding technology that is being made daily traditional schooling should he look at as what not to do?
The effect that a traditional school has on the students that went through it is very different than the effect that we want it to have. This effect makes the students think they are learning and think they are smarter than other students. When in fact they are just doing the word and getting by in their classes, even if they have high marks they can still just be getting by. The ones that do not get high marks we think of them as not smart or have a learning disabilities. Rodriguez says “For although I was a very good student, I was also a very bad student” (204). With doing all the work that students get from their teachers in all of their classes mean they are passing. If they only do it and never understand what is behind the work that they have done, they will never be able to truly use or never develop the skill that they should have. It is not uncommon for students to learn things on their own they will develop skills outside of school and those skills are the skills that they...

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