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Schools And Your Success In Life

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OutlineIntroductionPosition: The school you go to does determine how successful you will be in future life.BodySupport (PEEL) :Reason 1 - Prestige of school affects people's first impression of you.Reason 2 - Attitude of other students' influences student's to do better / worse academically.Reason 3 - Different schools emphasize on different things.Counter Argument (PEEL) :Even if you are in a good school, if you mix with the wrong crowd, you will still fail.Refute: However, most people who enter good schools are generally hardworking and do well in exams. There is therefore lesser chance to mix with the wrong crowd when you enter good schools.Conclusion: The school you enter has a significant impact on your life and will determine how successful you are in future.EssayMany people treat national exams very seriously as it would determine which school the students will go to after graduating. Some people feel that the school you enter will make a significant impact on your future and determine how successful you are in your future life. Does the school you enter determine how successful you will be in future life, or does it not? I feel that the school you enroll in determines your success in future for three reasons.Firstly, the prestige of the school affects people's first impression of you. If you come from a good school, people will tend to develop a good impression of you being educated and professional. It also reflects your academic results and intelligence. An example of how the school you enroll in will affect your future would be during job interviews. After looking at your portfolio, if you come from a prestigious school, you are more likely to get the job compared to someone who came from a mainstream or bad school. Therefore, the school you enroll in does affect your future and how successful you become.Secondly, different types of students are found in different schools and the attitude of other students influence students to do better or...

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