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Schools And Parents Must Be Held Accountable For Bullying

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Bullying and cyber-bullying have increased tremendously in past six years. With the increased popularity of Facebook, bullies are finding a new way of tormenting victims. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in teens, with bullying being one of the leading causes. Legal standings on who is accountable have not been clear and when cases are brought forth the infrequent use of laws holding parents and schools responsible is glaring. It is time to make bigger strides on holding parents and school officials responsible for the bullying that occurs within the community. Civil suits are filed at an alarming rate but criminal charges are not considered in some bullying cases. Children are not being led by example but left to think their actions are correct when no parent or school faculty member intervenes. Documentation and no action are simply not enough anymore. School officials sometimes blame the victim and encourage them to transfer to other schools. This should be eliminated as an option. Parents need to be paying closer attention to what goes on under their own roof, with concern that they could be held liable for any criminal acts and schools need to implement anti-bullying rules and offer appropriate reconciliation options or face the consequences of loss of funding and criminal charges. No parent should have to worry about incurring debt by continuous medical bills, legal battles, or worse funeral arrangements.
Bullying: Schools and Parents Accountability
Who is responsible for the victims’ pain and financial expenses?
How often have you turned on your television to watch the news and hear of a child committing suicide due to bullying or cyber-bullying? Studies have shown an increase of bullying in today’s society especially with young girls and in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. One in three teens reported being cyber-bullied. The case of twelve year old Rebecca Sedwick, who leapt to her death is a prime example of what bullying leads to when there is not enough done to stop the bullying nor stiff enough penalties to make sure it is prevented from going this far. She was bullied relentlessly at school, on her phone, and through social media by two young girls. Her mother was left to bury her daughter out of her own pocket even though she took all the necessary steps to protect her daughter. With schools and social media becoming a breeding ground for vicious verbal and sometimes physical attacks, who is responsible for such antics that lead to many victims taking their own lives or having to relocate? With no clear cut on who is financially or criminally responsible, the victim’s family is often left to deal with the unexpected finances and no way of having any closure or piece of mind knowing the responsible party was held accountable. Interventions, financial restitution, and criminal charges should all be mandated if it is found that the school system or parents of the bully did little to nothing to...

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