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Schools Changing Times Essay

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I want you to imagine being in high school. You wake up in the wee hours of the morning, every morning. Picture yourself getting up, getting ready for school, traveling to school, having to pay attention and give forth your best effort. After classes, you have to attend a meeting for a sport or club, and then go to your part time job. Your day continues when you get home. You eat dinner, do some chores, then START YOUR HOMEWORK. School is not an easy job for teenagers especially when they don’t get enough sleep. Teenagers need to learn how to balance school and work and still have time for themselves. In general, teenagers are under a lot of stress. With teenagers being under a lot of stress, their grades, behavior, and safety are changing and mostly not for the better good. Their grades start to slip, performance in behavior decreases, and the safety of everyone will be in danger. Schools need to start later because of the affects it has on ...view middle of the document...

With only getting a few hours of sleep, their academic performance will decrease. “When teenagers stay up late and sleep in over the weekend, this behavior resets their daily clock to a later time” and “this resetting can push back the brain’s cue to be awake on Monday morning for school” (Crowley). Teenagers need to keep regular schedules, avoid taking naps, and get a full night’s sleep. With going to school early in the morning, student’s regular schedule is going to be messed up because of the activities they have to do on the weekend. Teenagers take naps after school because they are sleep deprived. Getting a full night sleep during the school week and sometimes on weekend is difficult for teenagers. Hence why school needs to start later in the day. If schools want their academic and school performance to increase, they should consider changing the schools start time because once school starts later in the day, the results will be shocking but will improve attendance, academic, and school performances. “Adolescents who don’t get enough rest have more learning, health, behavior and mood problems than students who get at least nine hours a night” (Epstein).
A teenager’s behavior can be affected by not getting enough sleep. By not getting enough sleep, teenagers will feel “irritable and anxious” (Epstein). “Adolescents who don’t get enough rest have more learning, health, behavior and mood problems than students who get at least nine hours a night” (Epstein). Usual every school morning, parents may struggle to get their child out of bed. Teachers are starting to notice teenagers with sleep deprivation and its effects. A history teacher from Waltham High School in Massachusetts said that, “I’ve learned never to dim the lights, even to show a video” and “if I do, there are days when a third of the class falls asleep” (Epstein). With teachers realizing that teenagers are sleep deprived, they are noticing that students “zone out and even doze off in class” (Epstein). If school started later in the day, teachers will have most teenagers attention because they will usually be awake and paying attention more than when school started earlier in the day.

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