Schools Should Not Teach Intelligent Design

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The origin of life, its an unknown that has been discussed, researched, and pondered for an unknown length of time. But is the theory of Intelligent Design, or ID, a theory that should be taught in the science department of the United States educational system? Unfortunately no, its not. The theory should not be added to the science curriculum because it is not science. It better fits in another curriculum. Says Presidential Science Advisory John Marburger, "Intelligent Design is not a scientific concept." Because we agree with Mr. Margburger we must stand in negation of the resolution that in the United States, public high school science curriculum should include the study of the Theory of Intelligent Design.First a few Definitons:Intelligent Design, According to the Intelligent Design Network, is a belief that asserts that naturalistic explanations of some biological entities are not possible and such entities can only be explained by intelligent causes.Science, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.First, Intelligent Design does not fit under the definition of science. If we look at the Merriam-Webster defintion, it has five criteria for science. 1. Observation, you cannot observe Intelligent Design taking place and no one has. 2. Identification, we cannot identify the intelligent agent associated with ID which leaves a big gap in the theory?s validity. 3. Description, because we can?t identify the intelligent agent it is impossible to describe it. 4. Experimental investigation, there is no way to experiment ID or test for its validity. And 5. Theoretical explanation of a phenomena, the only explanation is that we were designed but ID gives no means as to how.But this is not the only definition of science out there. According to Austin Cline, a Regional Director for the Council for Secular Humanism gives his definition of science, " Science is naturalistis and is founded upon the premise of repeatable events and testable predictions" he goes on to say that...

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