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Schools For Sale: School And Corporate Partnerships

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Schools for Sale:School and Corporate PartnershipsHave you ever went to your local school gymnasium to watch a sporting event, looked up to the score clock to check out the score and then between matches went out into the hall and got yourself a nice cold refreshing drink out of the pop machine? If you have, did you notice the corporate logo on the score clock? Or wonder why the particular brand of pop you were enjoying is the only brand available in the school? Or for that matter, ask yourself why pop was available in the school in the first place? If you haven't, then you're not alone. Most people never give the issue of corporate sponsorships within schools a second glance, little lone a second thought.I can already hear you saying, "Hey, it's just a logo painted on a 'FREE' score clock, what's the harm in that?" Well that's the question. "Is it really free?" Or is it just the tip of the iceberg.The idea of 'corporate sponsorship', in 'school advertising', 'corporate school partnership' or what ever name you want to give it, is a growing business technique. Advertisers and marketers, in search of new ways to reach the youth market, are now involved in partnerships with schools to sell, advertise, and conduct market research with students. Many believe, that if conducted the right way, partnerships could perhaps benefit not only corporate organizations, but also schools and students. However, there are many critics who feel advertising in schools is a horrible idea that can only lead to harm.So, what types of advertising are out there in our schools? There are different categories that ads can fall into. 1) In-school Advertisements. In-school ads are forms of advertising that can be found on billboards, on school buses, on scoreboards, in school hallways, in soft drink machines, or on sports uniforms. This type of advertising is also found in product coupons and in giveaways that are given to students.2) "Exclusive Rights" Contracts. A company gives money to schools to carry ONLY their products. Extra money can also be given if a schools' sales exceed a certain amount (quota). 3) Corporate-sponsored Educational Materials and Programs. Sponsored educational materials include free or low-cost items which can be used for instruction. Examples of these may include; multimedia teaching kits, videotapes, software, books, posters, activity sheets, and workbooks. While some of these materials may be ad-free, others may contain advertising for the producer of the item, or they may contain biased information aimed at swaying students towards a company's product or service. 4) Corporate-sponsored Contests and Incentive Programs. This is where students compete for prizes by selling, buying or collecting labels for a certain product. These contests and incentive programs bring brand names into the schools along with the promise of such rewards as free pizzas, cash, and/or points towards buying educational equipment, trips or other prizes.5) Ads in Classroom...

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