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Schools Security Essay

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All around the world, there is violence in schools that is so serious many students, teachers, and other staff members get seriously injured, or even killed. In the United States, there have been really serious school massacres that have killed and severely injured many students and staff members. Technology is increasing and people are finding more ways to get into trouble, the principal one being violence with weapons. Most buildings, including schools, have minimum or even no security and almost anybody can make their way in and out of the premises without being arrested. The goal of this paper is to let readers know that security is a key factor, particularly in schools.
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The Arkansas Christian Academy in Bryant, Arkansas, is making national headlines after it announced that some staff members will be armed with guns. It’s about time we have one institution that is finally standing up and protecting our children, and hopefully it won’t be the last. In fact, every school teacher in America should be armed in the classroom (Downey). How many more times are we going to hear about a crazed gunman walking into a school armed and ready to kill? How many more innocent children need to die before we wake up and prepare our teachers to fight back? The only solution is self-responsibility: arm school officials and give them a fighting chance. Besides, a gunman is less likely to target a school that can defend itself and fight back.
After the Newtown, Connecticut rampage last December, 33 states considered new legislation aimed at arming teachers and administrators, according to an analysis by the National Conference of State Legislatures. Only five states enacted laws that expanded the ability for public educators to arm themselves at school (Severson). Teachers that already have their permit to carry a concealed weapon are allowed to bring their weapons to the school. The states that do not allow anybody to carry weapons have a different system. There is one gun in the main office locked up and only one person has access to it. The most sweeping new law is in Texas, where the Protection of Texas Children Act went into effect on September 1, 2013. Teachers who want to serve as armed school marshals must have a license to carry a concealed weapon, pass a mental health evaluation, and be trained specifically to respond when someone with a gun is inside a school shooting students.

Most schools already have cameras, but not all of them. Every entrance/exit doors need camera on both sides of the doorway. When you walk into a school you can enter any room in that building and do almost anything. If that would be an armed intruder nobody will be safe. These doors should be able to lock down quickly and effectively from the inside, providing school security by helping to protect the staff and students in case of an emergency.
Protecting our schools is incredibly complex and tragically imperfect. As school leaders look to enhance access control, it is important they understand the primary purposes of a secured main entrance. In the simplest of terms, the purposes are prevention and mitigation. A secure entrance can prevent unauthorized entry by presenting a more positive security image. When prevention fails, the entrance should mitigate an intruder’s ability to enter the school. This should create a delay that provides staff time to call 9-1-1 and implement intruder response plans (Spricer). Ways that can help prevent unauthorized intruders are, perimeter fencing, a single entry point, staff monitor of arrival and dismissal times, an intercom/video call box on the main entrance, electronic access...

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