Schools Should Not Have Uniforms Essay

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Would anybody want their freedom taken from them? Nobody would willingly give their freedom up. What’s the next thing thats going to happen, will schools having edible food. Hard to see, right? So are uniforms. Schools should not have uniforms for these three reasons: It takes the students freedom of expression away, it’s a bandaid reason to cover up violence, and some parents might not be able to afford the uniforms.

It takes freedom of expression away
Students wouldn’t be able to express themselves like others can.

“They shouldn't because they should be able to express themselves and choose what to wear. Also, they should be able to wear what they want and be free to wear what they want. They should also be able to share their personalities with their classmates and family members. ” (should kids). Some students can’t express themselves with art or music so, there way is through clothing like: buttons, band t-shirts, etc. In private schools it would be easier to enforce since there parents are paying extra for a better education. Public schools on the other hand would be a lot harder to enforce especially because some students don’t like school. Which if uniforms were enforced would make students hate school even more.

“Wearing uniforms can also hurt one’s self image. Almost all uniforms aren’t made with all body types in mind, but they are chosen for all students
to wear.Even though each student looks and is
built different.”(Should kids). Most of the uniforms shown on television shows are very small waisted and any bigger students look awkward and uncomfortable in them. No one can control how their body was built. Some students are stockier and have broader shoulders than others. Does that mean they’ll be forced to be uncomfortable in their own skin. “Everyone is different, from the color of our skin to how we act, to what we like, we aren’t the same, so why do schools treat us the same? Uniforms make us equal and we want to be equal, but not look the same, we want to be individual.” (School kids)

It’s a band-aid cover up reason for violence
Uniforms will be used as a band-aid to make the school better about bullying, since they did take away other clothing. “No matter what you dress students in, they will always find a way to pass judgement upon their peers. If it’s not based upon style of clothes worn there are many other superficial ways to judge people and form cliques like: hair style, hair color, weight, etc.” (Granite). It really doesn’t matter how much schools try bullying will never truly stop.

Making everyone look the same might even make some kids more vulnerable to bullies. Parents might not understand but clothing does have meaning to some kids. One example if someone wanted to wear a shirt that showed off their favorite band that they love and actually act like themselves when listening to would be snuffed out.
“If school dress codes are already difficult to enforce uniforms will be even more difficult...

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