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Schools Should Provide Teenage Parents With Daycare

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As times continually change, it is inevitable that statistics will change as well. For each student that fails to graduate from high school, another statistic comes about. An American epidemic that forever seems to be looming on the horizon is the issue of teenage parenting and pregnancies. According to an article pertaining to teen pregnancies compiled from, the United States has been deemed the leading nation for teenage pregnancies in the Western industrialized world. Due to this statistic, it is important to evaluate what can be done to set up teenage parents for success, as well as what can be done for children born in to young families. In an article on teenage parenting compiled by Linda Mangel, it is said that nearly seventy percent of teenage mothers do not complete their secondary education, and because of this, it becomes evident that a solution is crucial. Secondary schools would benefit from considering the implementation of daycare systems in order to increase the graduation rate for teen parents.
The debate as to whether or not daycares are appropriate for high schools poses an important question: does the placing of daycare centers in secondary schools condone teenage pregnancies? In an online journal obtained from MSNBC, it is argued that high school daycare centers do not effectively convey the ins and outs of teenage parenthood, and therefore appear to condone the concept of teenage pregnancies. The reality of this counterargument, though, is that the daycare centers exist solely to provide an ideal environment for the parent and child. As long as these daycare centers are not advertised and put out in plain sight for all to see, it does not appear that secondary school daycares promote the idea of becoming a parent in high school. The circumstances that exist as teenage mothers do not appear to be ideal, and the concept of the high school daycare centers do not promote such ideas, but rather provide assistance and betterment for those who find themselves in such circumstances.
In assessing the importance of implementing childcare centers in secondary schools, it is important to evaluate the proposition from an economic standpoint. The concept of childcare for high school students is a moral dilemma that is difficult for certain populations to grasp. Due to this, there are several people who would likely be uncomfortable with their tax dollars being attributed to such daycare systems for teen mothers and fathers. Secondary school daycare centers for students are typically free so that the students will utilize them. As a solution to this potential problem, high school districts could consider allotting a certain amount of their funding for after school and extra curricular activities towards the daycare centers. The funding for childcare centers should by no means cut in to educational funding for the high school students, but rather pool in money from...

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