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Schools Should Start Later In The Day

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An eleventh grade honor student named Diane Tran, from Willis High School, was put in jail for missing too much school in May of 2012. Judge Lanny Moriaty warned Diane that if she missed anymore school that she would have to pay the consequences. She missed again and he decided to have her stay a night in a cell along with paying a fee of one hundred dollars. Tran is a junior that works a full time job at a dry cleaners and part time at a wedding venue owned by the family that took her in when her parents divorced. After her parents divorced, they left her in Willis. Tran takes advanced classes as well as dual college credit classes. Since she works both jobs, in order to support an older ...view middle of the document...

A Minnesota study indicated that 88% of teenagers keep their cell phones in their room. This causes the teen to stay up even later. Since most high schools start their school day around 7:30 am, it makes it difficult for teens to get the correct amount of sleep. Natural circadian dips cause a stronger need for a nap when a person is sleep deprived. “As a result (of the hectic schedule of a teen), when it is time for a teen to wake up for school, the adolescents body says it is still the middle of the night, and he or she has had too little sleep to feel rested and alert” (National Sleep Foundation 1). A study in 2006 indicated that if the brain wants sleep bad enough, it will get it. It does not matter if a student is in math class, art class, or even driving a car.
“…Puberty can contribute to excessive sleepiness in adolescents, which can impair daytime functioning. First, daytime sleepiness can increase during adolescence even when teens’ schedules allow for optimal amounts of sleep” (Carskadon, Vieri, & Acebo, 1993). Teens can also feel completely awake when it is time for bed, even when they are exhausted. This leads to sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can hurt the quality of the sleep the teen gets even when they do get the correct amount of hours.
Coffee shops near high schools have a booming business because teens crave the caffeine in order to help them function throughout the entire day. Teenagers who do not get enough sleep can suffer from an impaired memory; impaired concentration skills, being more prone to pimples, eating too much and gaining weight, and get into a car accident on the way to school. Students from Kentucky to Seattle were given eighty to one hundred and twenty minutes of extra sleep and the results were positive. They included improved academic performance, improved mental health, lower number of auto accidents in the morning, fewer absences, and happier and more cooperative teens at home.
Researchers discovered that as hormones surge and the brain develops, teenagers who sleep eight to nine hours are less likely to be tardy, less likely to get into fights, they learn better, and sustain athletic injuries. Sleeping also affects decision making. If a teen gets the correct amount of sleep, they are less likely to make a bad decision. The more sleep a teenager gets, the more information is absorbed. The rapid- eye-movement phases during sleep are when data that was learned that day are sorted and categorized. Without a good amount of sleep teenagers do not have the ability to solidify information as well. This is why the grades improve in schools. It is also why the national tests have better results.
According to Dr. Judith Owens, it is considered an honor to even get five hours of sleep. To get this many hours means that you are working hard and that is considered a good thing. The University of Minnesota did a study on nine thousand students before the school time changed and after. When the schools...

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