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Sci 275 Week 2 Assignment Risk Assessment

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SCI 275

SCI 275

Week 2


Risk Assessment

At this time, I am not able to make an educated vote. I believe by asking questions and trying to gain full knowledge is a smart decision on behalf of this community. At this time I am leaning towards approving the decision to use the insecticide spray Malathion. The reason being that it is a very reasonable way to cut down the exposure of West Nile virus.

I have many questions concerning this topic. My first is how has this insecticide been tested and what were the results? Another question is regarding a trial run, is there anyway that one can be performed to see just how productive this would be for the community. We could conduct a trial run by using a small section closed off to see how it would work.

Also, is there any way that this can be done in one area at a time? If so, this could possibly help with the process of informing of the citizens. The citizens in neighboring communities should also be informed about Malathion being used.

How would citizens be informed? Would it be a door to door procedure? Or would it be broadcast on the TV? What about those who do not have or watch TV? A door to door procedure would be the most accurate Along with town meetings and posters. Would their be anyway to punish the citizens that do not wish to participate?

Once all citizens are informed how are we going to keep them from going near the insecticide for a week? Are their going to be policemen standing there guarding it? If so, then aren't we putting those policemen in a compromising situation? I...

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