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stages of cellular respiration: 1. Glycolysis(cytoplasm)2.Krebs Cycle(mitochondria matrix)3.Electron Transport Chain(inner mitochondrial membrane)Lactic acid:(bacteria) waste products are lactic acid and waterAlcoholic: waste products are alcohol, CO2, and waterStomata: pores of leaf surface; Light reactions: 1st stage of photosynthesis- light is stored and converted into chemical energy; Calvin cycle: Dark reaction in plants; forms glucosePigments in a leaf: chlorophyll, carotenoid, tannin, anthocyaninHomologous chromosomes: contain the same genes (may have different alleles)Autosomes: non sex chromosomes; 22 pairsSister chromatids: two identical copies of chromatidsCentromere: structure that holds two chromatids togetherSpindle: microtubules that extended from centioles; moves chromosomes to the center of the cell in Metaphase and across the cellCentriole: pair makes a centromereInterphase (G1,S,G2) Early/late prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, CytokinesisG1- Growth and synthesis S- Replication of chromosomes G2- Preparation for divisionMitosis: two identical sister cells (diploid) Meiosis: 4 haploid sex cellsGametic combinations: 2^# of alleles/genes/chromosomesCrossing over is an exchange of genes between homologous chromosomes; meiosis prophase 1Segregation of allele pairs separate during gametic formation and randomly unite at fertilizationDNA: sugar-phosphate backbone; James Watson, Francis Crick, Rosalind FranklinBuilding blocks of DNA: nucleotides (nitrogenous base, pentose sugar, phosphateTranscription (nucleus)DNA is unzipped and the mRNA is created while the other strand remains DNA (base pairing \Translation(ribosomes)ThemRNA turns into codons / creates proteinsCodon: 3 bases of an mRNA molecule that codes for a specific proteinHomology: Likeness in structure of different organismsHardy Weinberg Equation: p^2 + 2pq + q^2 = 1; p = frequency of AA; q = frequency of aa; pq = frequency of AaDarwinian fitness is that genetic contribution of the individual to the next generation's gene pool relative to the average for the populationDirectional selection occurs when selection favors an extreme trait or the other extreme; Change an average of the traitDistributed selection occurs when selection favors the extreme trait values over the intermediate values: Variance increases up as population expands and dividesStabilizing selection occurs when selection favors the intermediate rate over the extreme: typrical decrease in genetic...

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1430 words - 6 pages Analysis of the Impact of Science on Society Science is an amazing wide discipline that encompasses physical, chemical and biological areas. Since time in immemorial, science has been at work. This is because science is the aspect of using technical knowhow to provide solution to problems facing mankind at different times on a day to day basis. In earlier days, man did things without knowing that what he was doing is actually science. However

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1221 words - 5 pages When we sit in a science class, most of the time we are bored as bored can get. We really do not get a chance to explore on our own to find out what’s really out there. Teachers sometimes are not able to get in depth outside the textbook because they are required to teach that all in the year. That is why a lot of kids do not really get into science because they are stuck to the book all the time. Some kids love science and do not really care

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564 words - 2 pages PHYSICAL SCIENCE OF CHEMISTRYChemistry is a branch of physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties and chance of matter. Chemistry is chiefly concerned with atoms and molecules and their interaction and transformations. For example the properties of the chemical form between atoms to create chemical compounds. As such, chemistry studies the involvements of electrons and various form of energy in photochemical reactions

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849 words - 4 pages environment, but also improving the lives of farmers and taking the next step in the transgenic food market. Although the last of the Enviropigs have been euthanized, their future is still unclear since scientists have taken semen from the pigs for future research and tests. The transgenic Yorkshire pigs are fine examples of the cutting-edge science we know as genetic engineering, which proves to be molding our futures as we speak. Works Cited

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2309 words - 9 pages even in so financial planning businesses (“Be an Actuary.”). They are also the people that run financial calculations for both individuals and businesses (Hezzelwood). With being such an important part of business actuarial science is a very good field to go into. Forbes has ranked actuarial science as the best job in 2013 (Smith). Actuarial science is constantly ranked one of the top jobs to have in America (“Be an Actuary.”). There are many

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698 words - 3 pages I have always had an assorted cluster of intellectual interests, but science was a large percentage of those. As experiences and a great deal of knowledge accumulated through the fascinating thirteen years of my life, the pieces that were once an unsolved puzzle began to come together. I realized that I wanted not to be a teacher, a police officer, a CEO of a business industry, but something just as influential as that: a NASA scientist. Space

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2261 words - 10 pages Age of the Earth: Refuting Skepticism Throughout history, science has always faced challenges from outside groups who work to mold science to their beliefs, ignoring evidence and commonly held facts. Following in the legacy of the flat world and an Earth centered Universe, young Earth creationists bend science to fit their explanations of the Earth’s origin and timeline. Evidence for the ancient age of the Earth is present in every discipline

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2718 words - 11 pages met the dentist Dr. Daniel Patterson and married him in 1853 (Wilbur 63). Although Mary found great companionship in Daniel, she also found that he was unfaithful and a few years later they divorced. Through the years of 1866 to 1875, Mrs. Eddy studied much of the metaphysical science of mind over matter healing and found that her pains went away through her practice of this science. Many learned of her studies and came to her with curiosity as to

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