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Science And Medicine In Islam Essay

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, or the possible permutations and combinations of physical numbers, including binomial coefficients and roots. With their new math, they were able to classify and solve a wide range of equations previously unknown to Euclidian geometry fairly easily and efficiently. The discoveries of Islamic mathematicians were ahead of their time and provided the basis for future non-Euclidian math.
For Islamic scientists, astrology was always a subject of exploration and curiosity. Astrologists combined their findings with data from Greek scientists such as Ptolemy to refine and edit older theories, as well as come up with their own. A notable Islamic astronomer was Thabit Ibn Qurra, who developed a ...view middle of the document...

Other useful inventions were created during the Golden Age of Islam. For example, it was an Arab mathematician named al-Battani who began observing and making use of vertical and horizontal sundials. When he studied horizontal and vertical shadows’ characteristics, he pioneered information for cotangents and tangents, and developed the first ever systematic table. Also, the first flying contraption was attempted by an engineer named Abbas ibn Firnas. He created what is considered to be the first parachute, and by the age of 70, had constructed and tested a flying contraption made of silk and feathers. He jumped off of a mountain with the device and flew for a few minutes, before crashing because he had correctly hypothesized he didn’t have a tail to steer himself. The careful math put into these inventions still holds true today. In addition, by tale, the first-ever coffee was boiled by a muslim farmer who noticed a certain bean caused his goats to be more energetic. It quickly spread throughout the Islamic caliphates, and eventually made its way to Europe in the 16th century. Islamic architects also invented the pointed arch that is now very commonly found in Gothic European architecture. The arch was stronger and more stable than conventional Roman arches, and was quickly adopted by architects all throughout Asia and Europe. The new design allowed the architects to build taller, heavier, and larger buildings such as Teruel Cathedral in Spain that still stand to this day. Abbasid bankers also invented the first form of “checks” which they called sakk that allowed someone to deposit and withdraw money from different locations. Many Islamic inventions are the founders of several modern day concepts, a testimony to the effects of Islam upon our current world.
The discoveries made by medieval Islamic scholars and engineers set the basis for modern-day technologies and theorems and most of the medicinal surgeries and drug information carries true to this day. Their inventions and architecture have been improved upon, but basic concepts were first discovered by muslim engineers and architects whose math,

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