Science And Religion: The Foils Which Could Go Hand In Hand

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In today’s world, most of the population is split between two opinions as to where we as people came from as a species, and how our planet was formed. Was it just happenstance, a series of coincidences that formed the perfect conditions to sustain us? Or was it something more than that? Could it be that we were shaped and given our planet by a more powerful being? Most only take one side, but is it possible that there could be compromise? Could the answer be some mix of the two? David Brian Winter believes that is a definite possibility. His interpretation is that we were in fact put here by a higher being, but that science is not wrong. Instead, he sees science as a “how” to religion’s “why”, and believes that a lot of what the Bible says can be taken as allegory. However, Matt Ridley does not believe that the two are compatible. He believes that there was no guidance to our existence, and all of the things that happened to shape it were mere coincidence. I, being a Christian, do believe that we were put here by some greater intelligence. Furthermore, I agree with Winter that science is by no means wrong, but that there are some questions that cannot be answered through mere science, and even that a lot of the Bible can be taken as allegory.
The Old Testament of the Christian Holy Bible is filled with wild stories of seemingly impossible circumstances. Tales of towers that reached to Heaven, giant fish swallowing men whole, and enormous boats, large enough to carry all the species of animals safely through a world-wide flood. Even as a Christian, it is easy to be wary of these stories; how could any of that be possible? Winter, having been through a similar struggle, has found an answer to this biting question, which is that it is not factually true. Concerning one of the grandest stories of them all, the book of Genesis, his opinion is that it is a wide allegory for the beginning of man, and the beginning of wrong (Winter 37). To a struggling Christian, learning that “Adam” translates into “man”, and Eve to “Life”, it is not a far stretch to see what he is trying to say. And after that, it is simpler to view other stories, like the Tower of Babel, as sophisticated metaphors (Winter 38). Of course there was never a tower tall enough to reach Heaven, and it is difficult to believe that, with the technology of the time, it was possible for a society to even attempt such a project. Perhaps this story could be viewed alternatively as a story of how people came to separate, and develop languages of there own (i.e., the tongues of flame upon their heads). But what stops a man from simply saying that these stories are not allegories, or for that matter, not in the least bit true?
Matt Ridley takes such an opinion. His view of the world is that of a purely scientific series of coincidences. His article states that we were shaped, not by a divine Maker, but by a series of mistakes, and by learning from our past (Ridley 190, 199). According to...

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